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Listen to Carey Brothers "Ride" (Tiesto Remix)


Tiesto is one of the most down-to-earth artists I've ever met. It's hard to imagine that this calm, cordial and soft-spoken guy is able to stir up a wild frenzy on dance floors around the world with his heart-racing, high-energy DJ gigs.

On June 10, Tiesto will be releasing his newest double disc mix compilation, "In Search Of Sunrise 7 - Asia." The "In Search of Sunrise" series is inspired by the DJ's travels through various countries and have included stops in Latin America, Los Angeles and Ibiza. Mixed and recorded in Thailand, "In Search of Sunrise 7 - Asia" promises to capture the "peaceful and intensively passionate way of life" that Tiësto encountered during his tour in Asia.

In other words, the disc set will serve up more of Tiesto's thumping and mind-altering trance sound that has made him one of the most prominent DJs in the world. Head over to Tiesto's web site to get a behind the scenes look at the mixing and recording of the CD at his amazing beachfront hotel in Thailand. That view will surely get anybody inspired to do some amazing things.

Included on the compilation is an exclusive remix of Cary Brothers' new single, "Ride" that Tiesto would like you to have as a totally guilt-free MP3 download. Fans should make sure to experience Tiesto during his current U.S. tour. Get cities and dates here. (Click here to purchase "In Search Of Sunrise 7 - Asia.")

Listen and download Carey Brothers "Ride" (Tiesto Remix)

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Global Beats: Introducing Shanghai Super Girl


VBS.tv is airing a fascinating new online documentary about Shanghai Super Girl, the Chinese equivalent of American Idol. The show's recent finale pulled a massive amount of viewers and became the most watched  program in the history of television with billions of people voting for their favorite performer. The show's voting success made it also the biggest exercise in democracy in China's history. Consequently, the Chinese government shut down the program after its fourth season.

Over the course of 7 days, former Super Girl contestant Yang Lei took a VBS reporter around Shanghai to talk about modern life in China. They discuss everything from shopping to music, and from politics to the upcoming Olympics while visiting parts of the city. It's an interesting look at part of a country and incredibly rich culture that a lot of people still don't know much about. With the country's economy booming and the world's eye on the upcoming Olympic games, I wonder if Chinese music will make its debut on the world stage as well.

The epicenter of the recent earthquake that rocked part of China was Yang Lei's home province of Sichuan. VSB writes that Lei and her family are safe. If you want to donate your support to the international relief efforts, click here.

Watch VBS.tv Shanghai Super Girl

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Listen to Jem "It's Amazing"


It has been a darn long time since Welsh singer Jem released some new music since 2004 debut "Finaly Woken," but she finally returns with something fresh on the soundtrack for the Sex In The City movie. This little new gem is called "It's Amazing" and it's a tastemaker for the singer's upcoming new album "Down To Earth."

Jem co-wrote "Down To Earth" with cohorts old and new including hip-hop producer Jeff Bass, one of the two brothers credited with discovering Eminem, and producer Lester Mendez (Shakira, Santana and Nelly Furtado).  A press release explains that "the album reflects the singer/songwriters far-ranging influences including Brazilian percussion on the title track, Detroit Gospel choirs, a Stevie Wonder inspired ‘Crazy’ complete with funky banjo, and the tempestuous Latin-flavored track "I Want You To…” a collaboration originally earmarked for a solo album by turntable whiz Cut Chemist (Ozomatli, Jurassic 5)." 

Jem also worked with Greg Kurstin (Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, The Bird And The Bee) and sings in Japanese, where she enlisted the help of two Japanese-American music fans to tutor her in the phonetic pronunciation. "Down To Earth" will be available later this summer. Click here to purchase the Sex In The City soundtrack on Amazon.com (It's on sale).

Listen Jem "It's Amazing"

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Roising Murphy and Jodie Harsh Film Video for "Movie Star"


This picture tells a thousand words

That's my love Roisin Murphy and her new BFF Miss Jodie Harsh, drag queen extraordinare, leaving Jade Jagger's Belvedere Jagger Dagger launch party at London’s posh Automat club last week.

Harsh wrote on her MySpace page that she will have a role in the video for Murphy's new single "Movie Star."

"Yesterday myself and a gaggle of London's finest performance artists, dressed-to-kills and club personalities filmed the video for Roisin Murphy's latest single, Movie Star,'" she writes.

"I don't want to reveal too much about the video to save being skinned alive by Roisin but it involves me playing the role of Roisin's mother and it's reminiscent of John Waters' work with Divine. You'll see what I mean soon when it's released."

Sounds very exciting. Make sure to mark July 7 on your calendar as a day to remember. That's the day "Movie Star" will be released according to the Roisin Murphy fan blog.

Listen to Roisin Murphy "Movie Star"

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Grrrrr... N.E.R.D. Releases New Album Art


This art roars!

That's the official album art of N.E.R.D's forthcoming new album "Seeing Sounds" that will be out on June 10. Love the title and this album cover promises big things.

The LP's first single "Everybody Nose" has been making the round across the mighty internets, and the new single "Spaz" emerged exclusively on the Zune Marketplace this week. Pretty cool. Particularly if you have a PC and a Zune MP3 player.

In related N.E.R.D. news, Pharrell Williams teamed with design duo Domeau & Peres to create his own line of furniture. The first result of their collaboration is a funky love seat, titled Perspective. The design represents the bond between a male and female lover. The chair will be made available  in four different colors, including lipstick red. This could make a nice addition to the red leather IKEA sofa that sits in my living room, but it is probably hardly as affordable.

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