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Cyndi Lauper Premieres Brand-New Song


Cyndi Lauper is such a class act.

After more than 2 decades in the music business, she continues to crank out music and performances that surprise and move people. And she still looks the part - like she never aged a day after she first hit the scene in the early '80s. Amazing. (I finally got to meet Cyndi last night. More about that later.)

Check out her brand-new song "Into The Night Life," an electro-driven dance stomper taken from her forthcoming new album "Bring Ya To The Brink." The singer explains in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the song title was inspired by Henry Miller's book Into the Night Life that "inspired Lawrence Ferlinghetti's A Coney Island of the Mind, which inspired me to describe the images of nightlife here in NYC."

The track was produced by savvy soundboard wizard Peer Astrom who previously worked with Britney Spears and Madonna. It is good to get some hot fresh material from the singer after she previously released cover and acoustic albums.

Make sure to catch a performance of Lauper performing "Into The Night Life" on MTV Logo's NewNowNext Awards on June 7.

Listen to Cyndi Lauper "Into The Night Life"

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wow - I can't believe she twisted it to make it seem like she came up with the title. I heard a demo for this song before it was Cyndi's. Same "into the night life" lyrics in the chorus....she didn't write it.

With gay-friendly lyrics like "shirtless wonders wreck my sight under the light," I have no doubt she changed lyrics which gives her co-writing credits but she did NOT write the song or the "into the night life" part of the chorus.

Posted by: jojo at May 20, 2008 2:27:27 PM

Cyndi always has been and continues to be completely awesome and incredible. And so kind and giving to her fans. You're so right, a total class act. Can't wait to finally get "Bring Ya To The Brink". Thanks for this...Candy

Posted by: candy at May 20, 2008 2:36:47 PM

It's funny, jojo, that you say that 'cause Madonna has done the same thing during her career, and rarely anyone has said anything about that.

Posted by: Tomás at May 20, 2008 4:53:12 PM

If she's acknowledging that the title came from Arthur Miller's book then she's not claiming she came up with it. Obviously. Read before you comment, jojo.

Posted by: Phil at May 21, 2008 3:10:57 AM

Are you kidding? Her voice sounds likes she's deep throating a dog while she sings. Damn fags blind to the fact she has no talent.

Posted by: George at May 23, 2008 12:23:29 PM

WOW!! What talent Cyn!! Dance too much!! Versatile artist better than hard candy madonna by far

Bravo Lauper!!

Posted by: Jeremy at May 26, 2008 6:44:44 PM

There's a lot of bitter people out there. Cyndi is very talented. All you need to do is go to one of her concerts. She don't need playback like other artist. btw, she's been writiting songs for over 20 years.

Posted by: peak at May 27, 2008 9:57:14 PM

and climb let it go. personalities. a pair them. took

Posted by: dogred at May 28, 2008 1:06:04 AM

Claming that Cyndi has no talent,is a lack of intelligence itself,The woman has done so many wonderful things throughout her amazing carreer.
It is not always about beeing the best,it is about beeing good and credible And i truly believe ( even if i had the whole messed up world against my opinion )that Cyndi is a true germ in beeing GOOD !!!She's pouring out her heart in a song no matter what !
Love the woman,love her Aura love her goodness !

Posted by: Poekie at Jun 9, 2008 7:31:55 AM

Cyndi Lauper really is great!,
she's done so many great songs. I hope this one goes through the roof! and becomes a huge hit! :)

Posted by: Shannon at Jun 12, 2008 10:29:57 AM

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