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Introducing Red Blooded Women


Red Blooded Women is gearing up to take over the pop world and be the next Sugababes (or Atomic Kitten for that matter). But Candy, Carly and Liz are planning to do it a little different than those babes who paved their way.

"Just because we’re a girl group, a pop group as it were, we didn’t see why we couldn’t do something a little different, music that was a little bit awkward and edgy," the ladies explain in their press biography. "People kept telling us that we couldn’t do it, but the thing is, we’re stubborn girls. Every time someone used the word can’t, we just tried that bit harder."

The group has been working on a bunch of songs together with young producers they solicited on MySpace. They posted two of their tracks on MySpace that turn out not to be so drastically different and "edgy" as promised. "Colour Me Bad" is a straight up pop tune that is largely based on Yaz's memorable "Don't Go" (that will make Yaz fans cringe) while "Synthesizer" is a throbbing club banger featuring an '80s synth organ and a take it or leave it attitude.

Listen to Red Blooded Women "Colour Me Bad"
Listen to Red Blooded Women "Synthesizer"

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