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Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (Junkie XL Mad 4 Min Remix)


Thank you, Junkie XL.

Thank you for revamping Madonna's "4 Minutes" and making me like that track a lot more. On his Mad 4 Min remix, the savvy Dutch DJ/producer stripped out Timbaland's stomping beats and Timberlake's ubiquitous vocals, and replaced it with a soulful house beat and a subtle synth riff. The preview on his MySpace page lets you listen to a smooth, polished break segment of the 6 minute long club mix that has a breezy, Balearic feel to it. Highly recommended. Also look out for remixes of "4 Minutes" by Peter Rauhofer and Bob Sinclair.

Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (JXL Mad 4 Min Remix)
Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (JXL Mad 4 Min Dirty Remix)
Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (Radio Edit)

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Jesus, ur right, the album version is so boring, i really needed a mix like this.. tks tks for posting it, didint know junkie was going to mix it

Posted by: Giovanni at Mar 29, 2008 3:30:02 PM

it's amazing how "little" of madonna is really left on the song after you pare out timbaland/jt. i cannot stand the original edit of this song and am honestly next expecting a lot

after having heard a few leaks off it. apparently there's a leak of "hard candy" floating around...

Posted by: will-w at Mar 30, 2008 6:18:17 AM

I agree... Madonna should give people like Junkie XL, Stuart Price, Sander Kleinenberg (!! Remember that beautiful Hollywood remix guys ?), Paul Oakenfold a chance to make a dance remix of her new line of "R&B style" music.

I would also like an avid diva remix of this new song. Just youtube "Avid Diva Hollywood" and you'll know why.

Posted by: Salvi at Apr 2, 2008 8:41:16 AM

JT and Madonna did an awesome job on this song, its like a perfect mix of both of them.... I LOVE IT

Posted by: jessica at Apr 2, 2008 5:52:29 PM

i love this song it totally rules

Posted by: laila at Nov 6, 2008 5:12:42 AM

u rock maddona and totally rule da world the song is amazingly cool like you

Posted by: abby at Nov 6, 2008 5:15:21 AM

I love this song, really it's great!!!!

Posted by: are at Apr 5, 2009 2:12:07 PM

I love this song, really it's great!!!!

Posted by: are at Apr 5, 2009 2:12:30 PM