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Listen to New Anouk Single "Modern World"


Anouk was on fire this weekend.

The Dutch singer performed two sold out shows at the gigantic Gelredrome Arena in The Netherlands and received overwhelming praise from critics and fans for her hard rocking show. The set list featured all of her older and more recent hits, including "Nobody's Wife," "Good God," "So Hard," "I Don't Wanna Hurt" and "R U Kidding Me." Due to the success of the shows, a rumor is floating around that Anouk will be playing an additional arena show in the near future.

There's some good news for her international fans as well. The rock chick is getting serious about making a knock out impression in North America. She spent some time in Los Angeles early March to record a video for her new single "Modern World." It was directed by Melina Matsoukas, a famed director who recently shot videos for Kylie Minogue ("In My Arms" and "Wow") and Leona Lewis ("Bleeding Love"). Matsoukas is currently working on two new videos for Madonna. (Click here to download "Modern World" on iTunes USA.)

Stream "Modern World" in the music player below. Featuring her larger than life vocals, the bluesy tune captures Anouk's unbridled and unambiguous view of the modern world we live. "Crazy way to get your kicks, shoot the silicone in your lips. If your figure makes you sad, they suck the fat right of your back," she sings. "These days adoption is a hot thing, you can get a child for nearly nothing. You take them home to a nanny, buy off your guilt with toys and candy."

That's Anouk. Telling people like it is. You gotta love her.

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Let's Take Róisín to Number One!


The time has come. Finally.

Róisín Murphy's long-awaited new single "You Know Me Better" was released in digital format today and the disc version will be available in stores across the U.K. tomorrow. Thanks to 7Digital, fans from around the world can help to take Róisín to the top of the U.K. charts and put her in pole position for international success. Head over 7Digital to download the single, a bunch of remixes and a live performance of "You Know Me Better" in straight up MP3 format without any international restrictions. Also, preview and listen to some rare "You Know Me Better" remixes including the Nightmoves remix, which is phenomenal.

This is the moment, folks. Let's take her to Number One! Spread the news. Tell your friends. Buy the music.

Listen to Róisín Murphy "YKMB" (Nightmoves Remix)
Listen to Róisín Murphy "YKMB" (Guy Williams Vocal Remix)
Listen to Róisín Murphy "YKMB" (Guy Williams Dub Remix)

Mp3 Sample Róisín Murphy "YKMB" (Samim Remix)
Mp3 Sample Róisín Murphy "YKMB" (Trevor L Vocal Remix)
Mp3 Sample Róisín Murphy "YKMB" (Trevor L Dub Remix)

Mp3 Purchase Róisín Murphy "YKMN" (Single)
Mp3 Purchase Róisín Murphy "YKMN" (Remixes)
Mp3 Purchase Róisín Murphy "YKMN" (Live @ Koko)

Vinyl_4 Purchase Róisín Murphy "YKMB" DJ remixes on vinyl

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Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (Junkie XL Mad 4 Min Remix)


Thank you, Junkie XL.

Thank you for revamping Madonna's "4 Minutes" and making me like that track a lot more. On his Mad 4 Min remix, the savvy Dutch DJ/producer stripped out Timbaland's stomping beats and Timberlake's ubiquitous vocals, and replaced it with a soulful house beat and a subtle synth riff. The preview on his MySpace page lets you listen to a smooth, polished break segment of the 6 minute long club mix that has a breezy, Balearic feel to it. Highly recommended. Also look out for remixes of "4 Minutes" by Peter Rauhofer and Bob Sinclair.

Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (JXL Mad 4 Min Remix)
Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (JXL Mad 4 Min Dirty Remix)
Listen to Madonna "4 Minutes" (Radio Edit)

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Video Premiere: The B-52's "Funplex"

So glad they are back. Still cooler than ice after all this time. Make sure to tune into LOGO this weekend to see The B-52's host NewNowNext.

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Gig Review: Ferras Plays Smiths Old Bar


Ferras wasn't feeling all that fresh, but he belted out a solid tune at Smiths Old Bar in Midtown last night. "I was thinking about canceling my show, because I am really sick," he told a rowdy audience. "But I hate people that cancel shows, so here I am. Feel free to throw your tomatoes or beer at me when I croak."

Given the fact that he wasn't in the best shape, Ferras delivered an impressive performance that was entirely on pitch giving the audience absolutely nothing to complain about. In fact, after enjoying his CD for the last few days, it was great to see him rock out on stage, which convinced me that he's not just another studio creation, but the real deal.

The handsome crooner played stripped down renditions of his songs on an electronic piano. The simple, intimate setting allowed him to fully demonstrate his musicality and vocal chops, which fully back up the buzz that has surrounded him since his track "Hollywood's Not America" appeared on American Idol. The song is taken from Ferras' debut LP "Aliens & Rainbows" that is available on iTunes now and out in stores next week. (Stream "Hollywood's Not America" HERE.)

Originally from Illinois, Ferras was signed to Capitol Records after an audition for the label's chairman Jason Flom while on Spring Break from Boston's Berklee College of Music. He teamed up with production outfit The Matrix (Avril Lavigne, Jason Mraz, Korn) and Gary Clark (Natalie Imbruglia, Lloyd Cole) to record "a really good pop record." The result is an accomplished debut filled with radio-friendly and heartfelt pop-rock tunes that give Ferras a firm shot at fame.

Ferras' showcase last night included a gorgeous rendition of his ballad "Dear God," a moving performance of "Hollywood's Not America" and his misfit tune "Aliens & Rainbows" (a very personal song a"feeling different"). He closed his set with a song that is not on his album, titled "Phantom Song," which is another piano-driven tune that allowed the singer to show off his soulful voice.

(A big thanks to Bobbie and Jules at Hollywood and Vine for setting me up with Ferras.)

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