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You Must Watch Tina Dico "On The Run"

Tina Dico is an incredible talent you should know about.

Watch the video for the singer's new single "On The Run" that is taken from her upcoming new album "Count To Ten," which will be released in the U.S. on April 8. Some of you might know Dico as the former vocalist of British downtempo duo Zero 7. In her home country of Denmark, she is already considered a very successful solo artist who received multiple awards and achieved record sales with the release of "Count To Ten" in Demark last year.

The CD's first single "On The Run" is a song about freedom and traveling that was inspired by the singer's journeying and performing in venues around the world.  With a guitar riff inspired by Radiohead, the refrain states, "Everybody's got to end up somewhere. I'm just taking my time to get there. It looks like freedom and it smells like fun, but it feels like being on the run."

What I find most striking about this song is not only its throwback '60s production style and deliciously catchy bassline, but also Dico's distinct and dark timbre that is a little Dusty Springfield, a little Joni Mitchell and a wholla lotta gorgeous. (Click here to download "On The Run" on iTunes.)

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