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The Bravery to Relaunch "The Sun & The Moon"


Island Def Jam has not given up on The Bravery yet.

After the group's second album "The Sun And The Moon" tanked when it was released nearly a year ago, their label is planning to "relaunch" the record in an effort to drum up new momentum for the band. The revamped new album is titled "The Sun And The Moon Complete" and consists of the "The Sun" (the original 12-song album produced and mixed by Brendan O'Brien) and "The Moon" (the original album reimagined by The Bravery).

The revamped new album will also include a reworked version of "Believe," one of the disc's stronger tracks. The single is accompanied by a new video that shows off The Bravery's reputation as an excellent live band. The song is also getting a nice push by strategic placements in television shows (Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl) and commercials (GAP, Pontiac). "The Sun And The Moon Complete" will hit stores on March 18.

Watch The Bravery "Believe"

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