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Free Download: Tone-Loc "Wild Thing" (Peaches Remix)

I was just a kid when Tone-Loc's rap classic "Wild Thing" was first released in 1988. After school, I used to spend time at Radio Veronica's studios in Hilversum, The Netherlands where I handed records to DJ Wessel van Diepen, one of the big Dutch radio personalities at the time, during his weekly radio show (together with Caroline Tensen who is now a major Dutch TV star, but I digress). I remember that "Wild Thing" led to a little controversy among radio listeners back then for Tone-Loc's saucy lyrics.

Late last year, Delicious Vinyl released some excellent remixes of Tone Loc's original produced by the one and only, hard-rapping rock chick Peaches. She has created a sizzling, bass-booming track, updating the original Matt Dike/Mike Ross production to fit today's taste.

Peaches remix of "Wild Thing" debuted at a special party hosted by Peaches herself at the Tape Club in Berlin last September. Over the next twelve months, Delicious Vinyl will release a full slate of the label's classic records re-imagined by artists including Hot Chip, Spank Rock, Diplo, Bonde Do Role, A-Trak, Ed Banger's Mr. Flash & DJ Medhi. Each release will be available on limited edition vinyl, launched with a special DV Twenty Years Fresh party in select cities worldwide.  The tracks will be part of a triple vinyl full-length album slated for release later in 2008. (Click here to download all the Peaches "Wild Thing" remixes on iTunes.)

Download Tone Loc "Wild Thing" (Peaches RMX Radio Edit) [MP3]

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Glow In The Dark Tour



Kanye West knows how to stir up a hype and make it look really, really good.

Check out the teaser flyer of his upcoming tour that also features Rihanna, N.E.R.D. and Lupe Fiasco. That's definitely a show I'm looking forward to see. Details and a full tour schedule are still under wraps, but bookmark this special site to keep abreast of the latest information.

Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D.(aka Pharell, Chad and Shay) are very fitting additions to the line up. Stuart send me an email last week with a link to a leaked N.E.R.D. track, which supposedly is the trio's new single. It is taken from their brand-new LP that is scheduled for release later this year.

The tune is called "Everything Nose" and not only features The Neptunes' signature homebrew synth-funk but also some pretty racy and bold lyrics that might turn off some people (and possibly get it banned from MTV and radio). The beats are totally wicked though.

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Free Download: Miguel Migs "Fire" (Faze Action Afrotronic Re-Rub)


Miguel Migs will bring a little sunshine to your day.

In April, San Fransisco based DJ/producer Miguel Migs returns with "Those Things Remixed." This new disc features 14 unique interpretations of original tracks from Migs' 2007 album "Those Things." The roster of artists recruited for remix duty ranges from British house duo Faze Action and Sade producer Cottonbelly to Swedish breakbeat artist Rasmus Faber.      

Migs' music can best be describes as smooth and polished house music that not only features tight electronic beats but also shades of R&B, soul, funk, reggae with all kinds of different instruments including congas, saxophone and trumpet. If you are not familiar with the name Miguel Migs you will surely recognize his music as it has been featured on numerous TV shows, including Six Feet Under and Sex in the City.

Download a totally guilt-free MP3 of a remix of Miguel Migs' "Fire" by Faze Action who added a Afro-Jazzy feel to the original track.

Download Miguel Migs "Fire" (Faze Action Afrotronic Re-Rub) [MP3]

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Free Download: The Infadels "Play Blind"


Two years after The Infadels first hit the pop scene with their debut LP, the British outfit finally releases new music in anticipation of their forthcoming sophomore record "Universe In Reverse." Head over to their web site to download a guilt-free MP3 of their new track "Play Blind" to get a taste of their new record.

When I first I heard The Infadels' debut "We Are Not The Infadels," I was immediately captured by the heady, retro-fitted dancefloor rock that fuses '80s punk-pop elements with today's kicky electronic production stylings. In fact, I consider "We Are Not The Infadels" one of my favorite albums of 2006.

The Infadels' new record was entirely produced by Martin "Youth" Glover (U2, Client, Erasure) who added a leaner rock edge to the group's punktronica. But judging from "Play Blind," the group's signature sound stays fully intact with its swirling synth, jagged melody guitars, tight beats and a hard-driving chorus that burst with energy. Highly recommended.

Click here to download "The Infadels "Play Blind" [MP3]

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Fashion Against AIDS


Hip Swedish clothing retailer H&M has launched a special Fight Against AIDS fashion line that features clothing designs from popular artists who support this important cause. A quarter of the proceeds from each sale goes towards charity. The collection features designs by Rihanna, Rufus Wainwright, Good Charlotte, Timbaland, Ziggy Marley, Chicks On Speed and many others.

"I designed a t-shirt for fashion against AIDS," explains Rufus Wainwright in a video on the H&M web site. "It is a drawing that I made of my memories of the last tour I did."

"I'm a gay man, not that gay men are any more at risk necessarily than anybody else, but needless to say [AIDS] has been a big issue in my life since I was teenager and it still hasn't subsided as a danger in my life. It is part of my legacy as a gay man and an artist to get this message across to people."

Head over to the H&M web site to get all the details and watch videos of all the artists commenting on their designs and the importance of continuing the fight against AIDS.

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