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Happy New Year!

A quick little note from me in Buenos Aires to wish everyone a fantastic New Year! I hope 2008 will bring you everything you wish for and lots of good music, of course.

Argentina has been lots of fun so far, from strolling through the streets of old Recoletta to fancy drinks at Philippe Starck`s Fuena hotel. Muscially, most what I`ve heard so far sounds very familiar. A taxi driver was blasting Moby through his old car speakers, Rihanna is played over and over again on music television, the fun Olson restaurent played vintage Erasure (loud!) and during our New Year`s party we were dancing to Royksopp, Beck and Depeche Mode. Proof once again that some tunes are as global as consumer brands like Coca Cola and McDonalds. (This global reach of pop music always fascinates me - maybe because I`m a European living overseas.)

I will leave you with a very juicy tidbit. I ran into Jeffrey Sanker at Casa Cruz in the artsy Palermo district last night. Sanker is the big man behind the famous White Party dance happening in cities like Palm Springs and Rio. He told me that none other than Whitney Houston will be performing during the 2008 Palm Springs White Party alongside Fergie. How hot is that? That might very well mark the beginning of Houston`s much-anticipated comeback this year.

I`ll be back with my regular blog schedule next week. Until then, Rob is doing a couple more posts. Hope you enjoy his writing.

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