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Goldfrapp's New Single "A&E" + Remixes


I met Alison Goldfrapp a couple of weeks ago to discuss Goldfrapp's upcoming new album "The Seventh Tree."  She told me that the toned down sound of the duo's new record is a result of healthy artistic progression and simply doing "what felt right."

She also confided that "a lot of things happened" in her personal life that directly influenced the sonics and lyrics on "The Seventh Tree." The story told on the album's first single, titled "A&E," is a good example of that. You can listen to a lo-fi version of it on YouTube.

Alison sings about a "bright blue Saturday" after an "accident and emergency." There's no cloud in the sky and she looks back at a bad situation that made her "feeling blue" and the singer concludes that finally "the pain has started to slip away" even though she admits there might be "pills at work."

The song captures a moment of clarity as if she just woke up from a bad dream and can think rationally about what happened to her.

"A&E" is one of the most radio-friendly tracks on Goldfrapp's new album. That starry build up and Alison's soaring vocals around the 1 minute mark give me goose bumps every time. Head over to the Golfdrapp messageboard to get a taste of the "A&E" remixes, including the trippy Boratto remix.

(I will post clips of my exclusive Goldfrapp interview once it gets closer to the release of the album.)

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Hot New Talent Alert: The Gadsdens


Newcomers The Gadsdens like to describe their music as "Tracy Chapman on uppers and Stevie Nicks on downers," and that's a pretty good way to sum up their sound. The Gadsdens combine melodic sensibilities with a heartfelt delivery that results in poignant pop music that will move you.

Core members of this London outfit are Jody (vocals, guitar) and Simon (sax) who turned their friendship into a musical partnership in 2006. Freelance musicians that have contributed to The Gadsdens since then include Drew Wilson (lead guitar),David Roman (drums), Dan Moder (engineer) and Barney JC (production).

Their MySpace page lists artists like Tori Amos, R.E.M., Sufjan Stevens, The Carpenters and PJ Harvey as some of the people that have influenced them. The Gadsdens also remind me of Passenger with Jody's idiosyncratic crooning and the group's wistful melodies.

Listen The Gadsdens' "The Sailor Song" in the player below. It is an epic slice of wistful Brit pop with its sweeping piano riff, glowing strings and Jody's emotive, vibrato vocals.  Head over to their MySpace page to also hear and download the tango-inspired "Stalkers' Tango" and the gorgeous cover of Bronski Beat's classic "Small Town Boy" that will give you goose bumps. Also, check out one of their newer tunes, titled "Trouble In Paradise," which is a more elaborate, layered production.

Download a free MP3 of "The Sailor Song" on The Gadsdens' MySpace page.

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For the Love of Róisín Murphy

Check out this old video of German DJ/producer Boris Dlugosch featuring the amazing Ms. Murphy who is one my favorite artist of 2007. This super chic and stylish track is called "Never Enough" and was first released in 2001. You can download this song plus a bunch of remixes on iTunes.

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Free Download: Keane "Early Winter" (Gwen Stefani Cover)


I think I might like the single sleeve for Keane's version of Gwen Stefani's "Early Winter" more than the actual cover itself.

"Early Winter" is one of my favorite songs from Stefani's "The Sweet Escape" LP with its heartfelt sentiment and lingering melody rolled into a crisp production. The song was written for Stefani by Keane pianist and composer Tim Rice-Oxley and so it was only a matter of time before it would show up during one of Keane's live shows.

The group performed it for the first time live during an acoustic gig at London's Union Chapel on November 28. I am not too fond of Tom Chaplin's performance of the song. It just seems he's bending and breaking his vocals just a little too much to make it sound as slick as the original (or to make it his own). I rather listen to that crazy fun cover Keane did of Destiny's Child "Bootylicious." (Thanks to Corqsan for the heads up.)

Download Keane "Early Winter" (Gwen Stefani cover)

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EmPeeThree Potpourri


End of year deadlines are keeping me busy so today I posted a few random MP3s that are yours to keep. Guilt-free as always.

Download Heads We Dance "Love In The Digital Age" (Tepr Remix) [MP3]
Very good remix by French house DJ Tepr. I alerted you about this new electro-pop outfit back in June, and Popjustice recently called them "our favorite new band." A b-side mix from "Love In The Digital Age" is available from Frankmusic on 12" white vinly that you can get at Puregroove. Keep your eye on this group.

Download Jimmy Reign "Make You Wait" [MP3]
Sweet and sleek R&B tune reminiscent of acts like Monica and SWV. Jimmie was awarded San Francisco's Bay Area Black Music Award for being the Best Hip Hop Soul Vocalist earlier this year. She was recently touring together Keyshia Cole and Latoya London.

Download Priscilla Ahn "Dream" [MP3]
Folk crooner Priscilla Ahn received her first guitar at the age of 14 and played her way through open mics at coffee shops, bars and music clubs in the Philadelphia and NYC areas before moving to the West Coast upon graduating high school.  With her "achingly beautiful voice and indie-pop sensibilities" Priscilla was quickly embraced in the Los Angeles Hotel Cafe scene, releasing her self-titled debut EP, and making many fans along the way including KCRW's Nic Harcourt, giving her heaps of indie cred.

Download Knock 'em Alive "Big Bang Blast" [MP3]
 by early years in New York City during the 1970s and recent years in the West Village, indie rocker Knock 'Em Alive (aka Johnny Gruber) serves up a kicky blend of infectious beats and synthy melodies. This brand-new track was produced together with his pal Benoit Junoz. Look out for his tune "Coney Island Ride" that will be featured in the flick "Whirlwind" that will come out in 2008.

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