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Hot New Talent Alert: The Gadsdens


Newcomers The Gadsdens like to describe their music as "Tracy Chapman on uppers and Stevie Nicks on downers," and that's a pretty good way to sum up their sound. The Gadsdens combine melodic sensibilities with a heartfelt delivery that results in poignant pop music that will move you.

Core members of this London outfit are Jody (vocals, guitar) and Simon (sax) who turned their friendship into a musical partnership in 2006. Freelance musicians that have contributed to The Gadsdens since then include Drew Wilson (lead guitar),David Roman (drums), Dan Moder (engineer) and Barney JC (production).

Their MySpace page lists artists like Tori Amos, R.E.M., Sufjan Stevens, The Carpenters and PJ Harvey as some of the people that have influenced them. The Gadsdens also remind me of Passenger with Jody's idiosyncratic crooning and the group's wistful melodies.

Listen The Gadsdens' "The Sailor Song" in the player below. It is an epic slice of wistful Brit pop with its sweeping piano riff, glowing strings and Jody's emotive, vibrato vocals.  Head over to their MySpace page to also hear and download the tango-inspired "Stalkers' Tango" and the gorgeous cover of Bronski Beat's classic "Small Town Boy" that will give you goose bumps. Also, check out one of their newer tunes, titled "Trouble In Paradise," which is a more elaborate, layered production.

Download a free MP3 of "The Sailor Song" on The Gadsdens' MySpace page.

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Is it just me, or does this song actually sound like Tracy Chapman for a few seconds?


Posted by: Dive at Dec 25, 2007 9:03:28 PM

Arjan, you are so lovely!
you made my day!
The Gadsdens is perfect!

Posted by: Tacim at Dec 26, 2007 1:19:28 PM

You're right, it does sound like Tracy Chapman for a while there. Excellent find. I like their other songs too (although having to make a MySpace account to download them was a bit annoying - there goes my pride).

Posted by: Aviel at Dec 26, 2007 3:53:27 PM

they're great! thanks Arjan!

Posted by: craigh at Dec 26, 2007 5:00:37 PM

I am in love with them....thanks to you :)

Posted by: Kyan at Dec 26, 2007 6:14:03 PM

Thanks, Arjan. They are very good.

Posted by: Michael at Dec 27, 2007 11:36:16 AM

new favorite song! thanks!

Posted by: Pop Muse at Dec 28, 2007 1:25:22 PM

I'm so happy Arjan wrote about these guys, I was going to do the same thing this week, but he beat me to it! :)

They're such an amazing talent and hilarious to party with - entertaining to say the least... Jody's voice is pure genius... Did you hear his new cover of a classic Dusty Springfield song up on their MySpace now too? R.x

Posted by: Robert Temposhark at Dec 29, 2007 11:54:42 AM

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