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Watch The Pangs "Fighterplane"

Let The Pangs tickle your senses today.

They are fivesome from London and Brighton with a knack for "heavy soul, electronica and rock n roll." I'd like to describe their debut single "Fighterplane" as a well-crafted slice of soaring soul with a nice, punchy beat to it. The track was mixed by Mike Pelaconi (Lily Allen) and is available now on Cside Trax records.

A press release eloquently describes the song as "a stinging lovesong written from the viewpoint of man lost in self doubt over a love that seems to be unobtainable." Imagine that.

What really will put your senses in a frenzy is the incredible video for "Fighterplane." It is beautifully layered animation inspired by Victorian art and Jules Verne-inspired nineteenth century sci-fi.

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