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Introducing Electrocute


One of the pinnacle tracks on Britney Spears' surprisingly good new album "Blackout" is the track "Heaven On Earth," a glowing and utterly catchy pop tune. The song was co-written by Nicole Morier who is the driving force behind spunky and glam Los Angeles-based electronic rock duo Electrocute. Morier aptly describes Electrocute's music as " heavy metal bubblegum meets spaghetti western disco."

The duo was founded back in 2002 when Morier met former band member Mia Dime in Berlin's bustling avant-garde electro scene. After the two released the EP "A Tribute To Your Taste" in Germany and toured with other upcoming acts like Peaches, Dime left the duo and Morier replaced her with Holly Johnson. Together continued touring in Europe, American and Australia where they played at the famous Big Day Out festival in 2005. After returning to Los Angeles, Morier decided to take a break and focus on her songwriting career.

More recently, she re-formed Electrocute together with DJ Legs LeBrock. They have been writing music and performing in the L.A. area. The group got a taste of the big time when their song "Bikini Bottom" was featured on the Spongebob Squarepans movie soundtrack. It is a totally fun track that reminds me of early '80s girl groups like The Go-Go's.

Currently Morier and LeBrock are working with Dutch DJ JunkieXL and Greg Kursten from The Bird & The Bee on a full-length album. Morier also contributed three songs to JunkieXL's new album "Booming Back At You" that will be out in March 2008.

Head over to Electrocute's MySpace to get a taste for their crunchy mix of electro, pop and rock. It sounds nothing like Spears' slick "Heaven On Earth," but they serve up a lot of attitude that will get to sit down and listen.

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aw.. i was wondering what happened to them. i thought they were r.i.p. after emperor norton bit the dust. their ep was classic -- and i think you'd love there debut album.. always reminded me of the female version of jr/sr. glad to see 1/2 of them is back.

Posted by: Travis at Nov 29, 2007 6:57:09 PM