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Finally, I had time this weekend to catch up with the entire first season of NBC's Heroes. I'm such a sucker for fantastical, supernatural storytelling, and this TV show does it very well.

The 7-disc DVD set includes an interesting mini documentary about the making of the music for the hit show. The composers behind the score are none other than Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman. Prince aficionados among you will remember them as two old members of The Revolution, Prince's backing band. The duo also had some chart success on their own most notably with the song "Waterfall" in 1987. (Click here to see what they look like now.)

In the Heroes documentary, Wendy & Lisa talk about the process of producing the show's score. Important part of the Heroes sound is the voice of Shenkar, an Indian singer and multi-instrumentalist who has sold over 35 million records since he started his career in 1975.

Shankar's latest album is titled "Open The Door" and features collaborations with a slew of guests including pop singer Natasha Bedingfield, American Idol judge Randy Jackson, Madonna producer Patrick Leonard, Wendy & Lisa, Train's Pat Monahan, The Human Value's Turu and Blackalicious' Lateef.

Shankar's teaming with Natasha Bedingfield is one of the most striking pieces on the album. It is a mesmerizing fusion of Bedingfield's contemporary pop qualities with Shankar's atmospheric, traditional Indian sensibilities that results in something timeless and distinctly original. (Click here to download "End Of Time" on iTunes.)

Listen to Shankar ft. Natasha Bedingfield "End Of Time"

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