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Video Premiere: Vanessa Paradis "Dès Que J'te Vois"

C'est totally gorgeous!

Have a look at this just-released video for Vanessa Paradis' new single "Dès Que J'te Vois." This is the second track taken from her comeback album "Divinidylle" that topped the French pop album chart last week.This beautifully styled and shot black & white video was directed by the singer's famed hairstylist, John Nolle.

(And for those living under a rock, Vanessa Paradis is Johnny Depp's long-time partner.)

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What Happened to Dangerous Muse?


No worries!

New Dangerous Muse stuff is on the way, including a brand-new digital single, titled "Every Day Is Halloween," which will be released on iTunes U.S.A. tomorrow. Check out my column on BRAVO's OutZoneTV.com for a little look back and a peek forward.

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Get Well, Róisín!


Róisín Murphy suffered a painful and serious accident on Saturday night during her gig at Moscow's Ikra Club.

The singer accidentally slammed her head against a chair stage prop while performing "Primitive." According to reports, the singer was rushed to the hospital where doctors found she broke her superciliary arches bone right above one of her eyes.

A fan caught it all on tape and posted it on YouTube. It is pretty horrific to watch so consider yourself warned. 

It looks terribly, terribly painful. I can only imagine the pain and shock the singer must have gone through, and the panic and frenzy that followed backstage and in her rush to the hospital.

If you want to send Róisín a get well note, email it to me and I will forward it to her management. You can also leave a comment here if you like. If her label and/or management will make any formal statements about her situation and recovery, I will make sure to post it here.

Get well soon, Roisin!

UPDATE: EMI has issued an official statement about the accident. Read it after the jump.

From EMI:

"Singer Róisín Murphy suffered a nasty injury on stage on Saturday night (27th October) at Moscow’s Ikra Club. Whilst performing the track 'Primitive' from her hugely acclaimed new album 'Overpowered' she hit her head on a chair and severely damaged her eye socket.

She left the stage immediately and was raced straight to a Russian hospital for emergency treatment and was then flown back to the UK early on Sunday morning. Last night she had an operation under general anaesthetic to repair the damage to her eye socket and eyebrow. Fortunately, despite serious concussion and losing a lot of blood, her vision is unimpaired.

Róisín is now recovering well but her European tour dates have been cancelled for at least the next seven days as have all promotional commitments.

It is hoped that Róisín will return to the stage within a week’s time but she is under doctor's orders to rest until fully recovered so the recovery time may need to be extended. However her UK and Irish tour dates starting on 26th November should be unaffected.

The cancelled tour dates will be rescheduled for later in the year."


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Artymove Covers Lo-Fi-Funk's "Steppin' Out"

Back in May, I alerted you about hot new Swedish pop duo Artymove. The group recently recorded a cover of Lo-Fi-Fnk's coming out anthem "Steppin' Out" that follows the release of their debut album "Bones" that is available on iTunes worldwide now.

Stockholm's Mathilda Lindgren (vocals) and Peter Björklund (laptop/keyboard) turned the quirky original from the two electro hipsters into a beautifully layered, arresting pop tune.

Artymove's version starts out with Mathilda's angelic vocals that are perfectly on pitch and set the mood for the rest of the song. Right after the chorus, a throbbing synth bass kicks in together with live drums and guitar to create a beautifully atmospheric piece that does Lo-Fi-Funk's version fully justice.

This cover is pretty darn impressive, and also demonstrates the strength of the original.

For comparison purposes, stream the original track below.

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Soft Cell to Release Remix LP "Heat: The Remixes"


Some things simply never, never get old.

British electro-duo Soft Cell is set to launch a remix compilation album, titled "Heat: The Remixes," on Bizzare/Universal Records on January 28. This double LP includes brand new interpretations of many classic singles by Marc Almond and Dave Ball, plus key album tracks, b-sides and other rarities. 

A press release explains that "all the remixes featured on the album have been reworked by genuine fans of the band, resulting in the respectful updating of a seminal electronic era." Remixers featured on the album include Richard X ("Seedy Films"), Paul Dakeyne ("Tainted Love"), The Grid ("Sex Dwarf") and Kinky Roland ("Entertain Me").

An expanded digital edition, featuring additional bonus remixes not on the CD will also be available. A strictly limited edition vinyl issue of key Soft Cell single "Torch" remixed by Manhattan Clique is currently available to purchase at the Planet Clique web site.

Stream some of the mixes from "Heat: The Remixes" on this special Soft Cell Remix MySpace page, including the absolutely amazing Richard X filthy, gorgeous remix of "Seedy Films" and the Fischerspooner-esque electro workout of "Sex Dwarf" by The Grid.

Full track listing after the jump.

"Memorabilia" – Cicada Remix
"Seedy Films" – Richard X Remix
"Bedsitter" – Manhattan Clique Remix
"Sex Dwarf" – The Grid Remix
"Tainted Love" – Paul Dakeyne Remix
"Torch" – Manhattan Clique Remix
"Where The Heart Is" – Marcas Lancaster Remix
"Numbers" – Spektrum Remix
"Heat" – Yer Man Remix
"The Art Of Falling Apart" – Atomizer Remix
"A Man Can Get Lost "– Marcello Remix
"Secret Life" - George Demure Remix
"Surrender To A Stranger" – MHC Remix
"So" – The Grid Remix
"Frustration" – Punx Soundcheck Remix
"Chips On My Shoulder" – Mark Moore & Kinky Roland Remix
"Entertain Me" – Kinky Roland Remix
"Best Way To Kill" – Dave Ball Remix
"Barriers" – Dark Poets Remix
"Her Imagination" – Monkey Farm Frankenstein Remix

More mixes to be added in the weeks to come.

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