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Arjan Interviews Annie Lennox (Part 3 of 4)


In this third part of the Annie Lennox audio interview series, the singer talks with me about why she feels a special connection to the gay community and how it relates to her feminism:

I asked her specifically about the lyric, "Every desire goes through the fire (from the song "Womankind"), which I find particular poignant and true. Listen below what she had to say about that.

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What a beatiful human being is Annie! What an amazing artist, inspiration, rol model and step ahead in this grey grey world! Thanks Anni for existing and illuminating us all with your grace.

Posted by: Ejaaz Sakti at Oct 5, 2007 12:45:04 PM

I can't wait to see her perform on Monday..

Posted by: Anthony at Oct 6, 2007 6:17:59 PM

Simply the best. No one is better than Annie.

Posted by: Dawn Davenport at Oct 7, 2007 6:11:47 PM

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