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Video Premiere: Darren Hayes "Me, Myself And (i)"

Check out the video for Darren Hayes' brand-new single "Me, Myself And (i)." This video was directed by none other than his husband Richard Cullen for their new Pixelfing venture. It was produced by Black Lab, a duo with whom Hayes earlier worked on "Crush 1980Me" and Big Night In.

The video was shot mid-August in Australia. Hayes wrote on his MySpace blog that  "Me, Myself And (i)" was "without a doubt, the hardest video I've performed in. Demanding physically and creatively (. . .) All based on a concept Richard and I wrote on a train ride from Leeds to London."

He goes on to write about the elaborate set that was involved in the production. "There was a fan the size of a building pushing air and debris (and me) against a wall. There were hours of meticulous choreography performed by a team of dancers who can only be described as super human. There were clothes to die for (Alexander McQeen, Dior, Pierre Hardy shoes) and a stereo straight out of Back To The Future."

"It was a brilliant collaboration and all involved are sore, exhausted but so so proud."

The result is an accomplished video that is a perfect companion to the jerky electro pulse of the song with its fancy retro, yet futuristic stylings, staccato-like dance moves and tight editing.

"Me, Myself And (i)" will be out on November 5.

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Listen to Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" (Teddybears 2007 Rmx)


This is one for your trip down memory lane.

Swedish pop rockers Teddybears did a fun remix of BeeGees' classic "Stayin' Alive" that is taken from a brand-new compilation album.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of "Saturday Night Fever," Rhino rereleased the album as a two-CD deluxe edition that contains two previously unreleased tracks, "Warm Ride" and an extended version of "Stayin' Alive," originally a 12" promo vinyl along with four contemporary dance remixes of classic Bee Gees songs including NRG and Supreme Beings of Leisure.

Listen to BeeGees "Stayin' Alive" (Teddybears 2007 Rmx)
Listen to BeeGees "Stayin' Alive" (Teddybears 2007 Rmx)

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Roz Bell Brings On The Sunshine


Canada's Roz Bell has finally released his long-awaited debut album.

ArjanWrites.com correspondent Will Wong attended Bell's album release party in Toronto last night to hear the handsome crooner perform a few songs from his debut album, titled "The First Sunbeams." An appropriate name for an album that packs a whole lotta sunshine with its upbeat, honest and laid-back pop tunes.

"Bell rocked the stage tonight previewing a handful of key tracks from 'The First Sunbeams' with standout tracks 'Papercut,' 'In the Bathroom,' 'The Greatest Tragedy' and sunny first single 'Yesterday Man,'" writes Wong. "Love was in the air with everyone there to show their support for Bell, who is certain to be a front-runner at next year's Juno Awards." More photos of the event here.

Get a guilt-free remix of "Yesterday Man" by Roz Bell that was producted by DJ Illo to get a taste of this emerging talent.

Download Roz Bell "Yesterday Man" (DJ Illo Remix) [MP3]

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Kanye Rant: Bow to the Presence of Greatness?

He sure has a "passion for flashion."

Kanye West definitely knows how to stir up a conversation. Most of you are probably sick of his idiotic ranting, but even though he is a flaming egomaniac, West has the goods to back up all of his big talk.

Looking at the current global pop charts, he is indeed dominating almost all of them and he's coming close to being "the number one human being in music," as he claims in the video.

If it is up to Kanye he will be ruling the Universe next.

Quite frankly, I find it hilarious that he is spewing his passive-aggressive cockiness across the airwaves and in interviews. He is becoming a self-parody, slowly but surely morphing into one of those anime characters on the "Graduation" album sleeve. Colorful, out of this world and bouncing off the wall.

Thank you, thank you for letting me breathe, Mr. West.

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Listen to Course of Nature "Anger Cage"


After his "discovery" of platinum-selling American Idol alum Chris Daughtry and managing Creed during their heyday, talent manager Jeff Hanson is looking to repeat that success.

Hanson is the president of Silent Majority Group that has brought artists like Creed, Silverchair and Daughtry to the masses. Mainstream rock act Course of Nature is one of his newest new artist picks.

Course of Nature is a group of four hunky rockers who serve up a hearty scoop of chart-ready rock.

The group was founded by Mark Wilkerson who knows how to craft a hit song. He was the one who wrote Daughtry's smash "It's Not Over." Wilkerson also has helpful Hollywood "ins" that could potentially be very beneficial to get his band off the ground.

He's married to actress Melissa Joan Hart who starred in Sabrina The Teenage Witch and who will also direct the video for the group's video for "Anger Cage."

Check out "Anger Cage" by Course of Nature. It is a lot rockier than what I usually feature, but I figured that this tune might be pumping on a radio close to you soon, so consider this an early heads up.

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