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Britney Spears Mania Returns


"Cameras are flashing... They keep watching."

Britney says "Gimme More" and it appears the whole world is falling back at her feet. Just like five years ago when she was all over the pop charts. I shot that photo of Spears posted above at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2002 at the Red Carpet press line. She was hounded by photogs and even MTV staffers who were all trying to get a piece of the pop starlet with their cameras. It was pure mayhem.

Spears mania is emerging once again now that her much-anticipated new single "Gimme More" is blowing up on radio all over the country. Her label is rushing to formally release the single to (download) stores for fans to purchase.

Kudos to Spears for hooking up with people like Danja, Timbaland's production partner, who have concocted a helluva comeback groove for the troubled pop star. "Gimme More" is positioned right on the intersection of style and substance, which is usually a sweet spot for memorable pop music. You can't really deny the very infectious qualities of "Gimme More." It might not be anything ground-breaking, but turn it up really loud and what you have is undisputed club banger.

I can't wait for some big and fat remixes to surface. Azriel Drakes already put a nice one together this weekend. You can find more remixes here.

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haha! I can't wait for her upcoming album.

"Gimme More" is so hot. I swear, I've been listening to it at least once or twice every day.

Posted by: Victor at Sep 4, 2007 7:14:43 PM

That song is average at best, but is probably "impressive" to circuit queens and teen girls. To everyone else Britney Spears is still the same majorly untalented trainwreck she always was. A catchy beat is not gonna erase 5 years of bad pr, and poor choices.

Posted by: solitaire at Sep 5, 2007 12:39:56 AM