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An Email From Team Facelift


(I'm speechless. There are no words to describe this scene of Jamie Foxx and Fat Jew, so I decided to just post the email verbatim.)

TO: Arjan Writes
FROM: Team Facelift


Team Facelift did the VMA's so big. Big like Joey Lawrence's abs. Big like Mario Lopez's sleeveeless t-shirt collection.

Things that happened:

1. Fat Jew jumped on Paulie Shore's back in the pool and pinched his oversized nipples.
2. The casino asked Fat Jew over 30 times to put more clothes on
3. Eve the rapper and Fonda shared a bowl of lobster bisque
4. Fat Jew offered Perez Hilton a handjob. He defintely considered it.
5. Fat Jew got interviewed by MTV Japan and told a 10-minute story about how he's in love with Tony Danza
6. Fonda made out with a 48 year old overly tan woman with breast implants
8. Machine puked into the change dispenser of a slot machine

Next stop… The Emmy's.
please blog about the attached picture, it's so legendary!


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