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Exclusive: New Tim Sheff "Cry"


Those cupcakes sure look sweet! And so does Tim Sheff with his cute puppy dog. Aww.

Check out an exclusive stream of Tim Sheff's feel-good tune "Cry" that is taken from his forthcoming, yet-untitled debut album, which he is currently recording. It's a solid track with the singer/songwriter's stand-out vocals and its very radio-friendly, catchy soul-pop vibe.

"[The song] is about being totally in love with someone and being totally tortured by it at the same time," Sheff tells Arjanwrites.com. "I was away from the girl I wrote it about, and it was killing me being so happy and so miserable at the same time. I was sitting on my couch with my little Casio keyboard in my lap, drinking a bottle of wine, half watching TV and half playing music when I stumbled across that melody. I ran upstairs and hit record on my tape recorder and played the song down pretty much the way it is. Lyrics and all. It just spilled out of me in about 10 minutes time."

The crooner adds, "I think people dig this song because because everyone can relate to the pleasure and the pain of being in love and something about the way the music is so happy and groovy but the lyrics are sort of tortured, just kind of sums up how it feels to be in that place.  This is one of my favorite tunes to play the ones that come easy are always the best ones."

Listen to "Cry" by Tim Sheff

Stream "Cry" by Tim Sheff

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Arjan Interviews Kaskade


"I make epic, emotional dance music. There's always an epic flavor to it, but it is more organic than what is currently out there. It is funny that a lot people listen to my music and they say 'oh this is dance music?' and I say of course. Dance music can have melody too! If people like Justin Timberlake or Nelly Furtado come to me for a remix they like the fact that I'm a songwriter as well and they want to hear a different spin on their song. It sort of an entry level dance sound. I started playing in small cocktail bars but now I play huge crowds and my thing has always been to keep the sound small and soulful but adding an epic flavor to it"
-- Kaskade (aka Ryan Reddon) tells Arjan in an interview for Bravo TV's OutZone TV.

Kaskade and I talked a couple of weeks ago about his new remix CD "Bring The Night" that is available now on Ultra Records. The DJ/songwriter/producer put together an excellent mixtape of some really great house remixes, including his chart-topping remix of Nelly Furtado's "All Good Things." You can stream bits of the album here.

Read the entire interview with Kaskade on the Bravo TV web site.

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Free Download: Will W. "Connection"


Will Wong is an emerging pop crooner from Toronto who recently put out his debut album, titled "Connection," on Warner/Chappel Hill in Canada. Have a listen to the disc's title track, an '80s throwback tune that is currently impacting Canadian radio and climbing up the national Top 40/Hot AC radio charts.

The singer-songwriter, actor and photographer previously recorded in Chinese, but "Connection" is his formal English language debut. Wong is Canadian-born with his family having emigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in the late '70s. The release of "Connection" in June follows Wong's strenuous fight with cancer that he has beaten completely.

It is as if "Connection" is Wong's way of letting people know that he is healthier than ever and ready to fully embrace life by doing what he loves most.

The singer shares an interest tidbit of information in an email, "[Connection] was written August 14, 2004 on the night of the big blackout that affected Canada and America.  I was bored silly in the stifling heat without electricity, so I isolated in my bathroom of my apartment where it was cool and dark and the melody just came about." (Click here to purchase "Connection" at HMV Canada.)

Download Will W. "Connection" [MP3]

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New Music from Fischerspooner


Very exciting news!

Casey Spooner was videotaped by a reporter from NME about new Fischerspooner music and is giving away some clues about what's to come.

After the duo of Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer split from Capitol Records, Fischerspooner have been recording new music as an independent band since January.

After the "synthetic" sound of their debut and the Linda Perry-produced, acoustic sound of "Odessey," Spooner reveals that their third record does not sound like either two, but more "poppy." This new album is produced by Jeff Salzman who worked on The Killers' first record.

Mmm. That is making me very curious. One of their publicity peeps tells me that the record is currently being mixed in Los Angeles and close to being finalized. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Ever since I heard "Emerge" I have been a Fischerspooner fan. "Odyssey" was so underrated and deserved way more attention. If you have a moment, check out tracks like "Happy," "Cloud" and the sublime "A Kick In The Teeth."

On a related note, Casey writes on his MySpace blog that he recently went to see Justin Timberlake in concert and admits that it "sucked" but that he "loved" the sound of 10,000 screaming girls.

Watch NME Casey Spooner Interview

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Congratulations to Darren Hayes


That's a photo of Darren Hayes buying his own CD. And indeed. He has reason to smile.

His album "This Delicate Thing We've Made" entered the U.K. album chart at number 14 this week. So what's the big deal?

Hayes released the album independently without the help of a big and mighty record label to push it out. Cracking the Top Twenty as an independent artist is remarkable and proof that the support of fans and the wonderful world wide web can accomplish big things for the "tiny courageous."

"It's a fantastic message to send the music industry. It shows that it's possible to stand apart from the crowd and fight for what you're passionate about," Darren writes on his MySpace blog. He goes on to thank his fans, "Without corporate sponsorship, greasy handshakes, hype or bullshit advertising campaigns this album has found it's place and I have only YOU to thank for that."

Looking forward to celebrating with Darren in October.

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