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Those cupcakes sure look sweet! And so does Tim Sheff with his cute puppy dog. Aww.

Check out an exclusive stream of Tim Sheff's feel-good tune "Cry" that is taken from his forthcoming, yet-untitled debut album, which he is currently recording. It's a solid track with the singer/songwriter's stand-out vocals and its very radio-friendly, catchy soul-pop vibe.

"[The song] is about being totally in love with someone and being totally tortured by it at the same time," Sheff tells "I was away from the girl I wrote it about, and it was killing me being so happy and so miserable at the same time. I was sitting on my couch with my little Casio keyboard in my lap, drinking a bottle of wine, half watching TV and half playing music when I stumbled across that melody. I ran upstairs and hit record on my tape recorder and played the song down pretty much the way it is. Lyrics and all. It just spilled out of me in about 10 minutes time."

The crooner adds, "I think people dig this song because because everyone can relate to the pleasure and the pain of being in love and something about the way the music is so happy and groovy but the lyrics are sort of tortured, just kind of sums up how it feels to be in that place.  This is one of my favorite tunes to play the ones that come easy are always the best ones."

Listen to "Cry" by Tim Sheff

Stream "Cry" by Tim Sheff

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