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Interview with Kyle Patrick of The Click Five


Power pop outfit The Click Five bursts back on the music scene this summer with their brand-new album "Modern Minds And Pastimes." It is a delicious, guilty-pleasure pop record filled with melodic hooks and radio-friendly choruses that are just oh-so perfect for summer. Listen to their new songs "Headlight Disco" and "Jenny" to get a good feel for their infectious sound. 

Stream The Click Five "Headlight Disco"
Stream The Click Five "Jenny"

"Modern Minds And Pastimes" features the group's new lead singer Kylie Patrick, 20, who replaced Eric Dill in February of this year. The disc was produced by Mike Denneen (Fountains Of Wayne, Aimee Mann), and follows their 2005 debut "Greetings From Imrie House" that included the Billboard chart-topper "Just A Girl." The group is currently touring together with Hillary Duff.

Time to get the scoop about all that's new from Kyle Patrick himself who is arguably one of the hottest new singers in pop music.

Arjan: You must have had an amazing few months since you joined The Click Five. When did you become an official member the group?
Kyle: I met the guys in November of 2006 and they asked me to officially become a member of the band in February of this year. I have been around these guys for 8 or 9 months now and it has been great. I was in my third year at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and dropped out to do this.

So it was more important to be a pop star than to finish school?
[Laughs] Yeah, you can say that I guess. I felt after three years in music school I got out of it what I needed.

Did you always want to make music professionally?
Definitely. I started playing the guitar when I was eight years old. Ever since I performed at the age of eleven or so and got a crowd reaction, I freaked out and totally loved it. So from that point on I knew I wanted to be a musician.

Are there specific artists that have inspired you?
My dad was into a lot of classic rock stuff that he turned me on to, like Derek & The Dominos, Cream, Eric Clapton and James Taylor. That’s what formed my performance and songwriting skills.

Back in 2005, The Click Five was known for always wearing matching suits. What happened to them?
Those are out the door! We have kept our vision of dressing up for our shows though, and having that classy look with a rock edge to it.  We still wear suits and pieces of suits. We just have evolved and grown up I guess. Our clothes are made for us so they have this cool tailored look. We don’t have stylists. We do most of it ourselves.

So you are a handsome group of guys, who gets most of the girls?
[Laughs] Well, Joey recently got a girlfriend so that is one shark less in the pond so to say. Let me just say that we all like to have fun and meet new people.

You’re a very attractive guy. Was it an odd experience for you to be thrown into the spotlight and have screaming fans in front of you?
I have been performing for a while, but this was a huge change for me. Not only because I get to play for a lot more people, but also to have people that are really, really into what we’re doing. The group really has a few superfans and to have that sort of thing behind you is really amazing.

Were you a fan of The Click Five before you joined them?
I knew of them because they were from Berklee as well. So I knew the band name but I did not really get into their music. I kick myself now for not paying attention to them earlier, because knowing them know, I must say they are amazing musicians.

When you joined the band, were most of the tracks for the album already written?
Yes, most of them were. They wrote actually 80 songs in total over the last few years. They narrowed it down to 12 songs for this new record. Before I formally joined the band, I co-wrote the song “Empty,” which is the last track on the album and writing it together was a bit of bonding experience for us.

The Click Five’s music is filled infectious melodies. What defines a good pop song you think?
For us a good pop song is a song that is based on a real experience that translates to a catchy melody and a good chorus.  It also must be dynamic and move you. Dynamic means that a song has both high points and low points. The high points stand out more with the low points. That is what creates that uplifing feeling in a good pop song.

Do you have a favorite track on this record that you like to perform?
The one that I like to perform and that the crowd really likes is “Headlight Disco.” It is such a fun song to play. It has a great message and we have a blast performing it. That’s a highlight for us.

That’s definitely a surprising song on the record because of its style and synth-oriented production.
Yeah, exactly. Originally that song wasn’t going to make it on the record. We talked about it with our A&R person and people at the label and we convinced them to include this track because it is different and it turned out really, really cool.

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I love Kyle Patrick's voice it's so different from Eric's.
I'm definetly more into the click five now than I was before and the song "Addicted to me" ROCKS!

Posted by: Simplepanic1 at Sep 3, 2007 12:20:42 PM

muero de amor por Kyle♥♥♥
Eric es un idiota :@

Posted by: at Sep 8, 2007 1:20:31 PM

I lavv The Click Five sooo much now!..My favorite song is Jenny...Kyle Patrick is sooo Hawt!...<3...You guys rock! I hope you have a tour in the Philippines soon!

Posted by: Lexiee:] at Sep 9, 2007 12:04:57 AM

I lavv The Click Five sooo much now!..My favorite song is Jenny...Kyle Patrick is sooo Hawt!...<3...You guys rock! I hope you have a tour in the Philippines soon!

Posted by: Lexiee:] at Sep 9, 2007 12:05:30 AM

I LOVE CLICK FIVE A LOT!anyway please come to MALAYSIA and please remember 'and see what trouble we can get you there'.....

Posted by: eri at Sep 9, 2007 2:12:39 AM

The Click Five are awesome. Kyle's voice is extremely different from Eric's and the new look and sound is brilliant. The song "Empty" is genius. I never really got into them before, but now that's a thing of the past.

Hope they come to Malaysia again. And soon.

Posted by: -xhannah; at Sep 10, 2007 7:12:55 AM

i love click five.. and i love kyle.. i admire him so much.. good luck in your career.. god bless.. mwuah!

Posted by: -mine- at Sep 15, 2007 8:08:36 PM

hey guys!
I've been an addict fun of you, specially to you kyle patrick!
just keep up the good work guys...love you from the buttom of my heart...gud luck!!!

Posted by: latifa at Sep 18, 2007 10:46:33 PM

lurve click five so much..
they r awesome..
kyle is so cute luv him so much<3
keep up the gud work guyz..

Posted by: nabeela at Sep 22, 2007 6:06:14 AM

i absolutely lovvvveee the clickfive!!!! their new album ROX!!!! n kyle is suppper HOT,,i cant wait till thy come to Jakarta!!!!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

The click five + eric dill=GREAT
(The click five - eric dill) + KYLE=

Posted by: Beatrice at Sep 23, 2007 2:10:34 AM

l love the new vocalist of the click five kyle patrick..i luv the way he moves and the way he sing!!he'
s so cute and he really rock my world..his voice is so powerful that makes my heart beating faster...

Posted by: eliz at Sep 25, 2007 12:58:22 AM

..one simple thing to say..
hot, hot, hot!!..

Posted by: Mihara at Sep 25, 2007 8:50:09 PM

i love kyle so much! he's better than eric. and he's hotter! He also has nicer voice!

Posted by: ilovekyle at Sep 30, 2007 6:34:44 AM

Click Five is coming to Malaysia!! YAYNESS!! I like Kyle!! <3 He's cute + hawt~~

Posted by: py at Oct 5, 2007 12:18:49 AM

The click five has a new singer-Kyle Patrick-that is so cool. He could be better Eric Dill, but that still be great in both singer. (Love you, The click five)

Posted by: Albee at Oct 7, 2007 1:24:03 AM

Kyle Patrick is cute and........I love his voice.

Posted by: krislle at Oct 14, 2007 6:07:49 AM

click five rocks!!! these guys are awesome...kyle patrick is sooo..cute and he has an amazing voice.

Posted by: trix at Oct 14, 2007 11:53:23 PM

I really love Click five!! Kyle is a great singer especially in the song "EMPTY" i really love that song, and ben,joe,joey,ethan youre all really great!!! i saw you all at greenbelt here in manila,, wish you could be back here again.. I am really inspired and i wish to be a great composer and singer someday.. take care alwayss!! god bless. XOXO

Posted by: Lalaine at Oct 14, 2007 11:58:47 PM


i wish that you will visit again in the philippines............
i will wait for you



Posted by: gelynne medina at Oct 17, 2007 1:27:05 AM

there band really rockz...i lyk all their songs... kyle is really cute and handsome...good luck guyz...hope you can visit again the philippines...take care

Posted by: 'carz'ren' at Oct 17, 2007 2:04:01 AM

Hey Guys...

What's up Guys?I really inspire your music and it's really great... I've read alot of messages here and mostly "Kyle Patrick" is the one who is seen very handsome by girls. But I think that all of you are handsome... Keep it up!!! hahaha. I saw you guys at Greenbelt 3 and you play your songs very well. Too bad I did not get your autograph because my parents were so tired of waiting for me. So I wish that the Click Five band will always be successful and I wish you all the best! Goodluck on your career and I wish I can see you personaly...!!! By the way I really like the song "Headlight Disco","Happy Birthday" and also "Empty" Well I will stop here, and I'm really WISH I can see in PERSONAL...


Posted by: Trish at Oct 19, 2007 2:20:10 AM


Posted by: CARZ ' REN at Oct 22, 2007 4:13:32 AM

click five rockz!!!
their songs rock my heart..
i hope you will visit the philippines again....
and i hope you read this comments...
i like your band verymuch....
and i love your characteristics verymuch..your songs..how you play instruments...how you look..and your cute smiles...


Posted by: Jamie at Oct 22, 2007 4:23:07 AM

I love Kyle Patrick and Th Click Five sooo much!

Posted by: Alika at Oct 23, 2007 6:40:32 PM

kyle is hot.
but i think he's kinda arrogant.

Posted by: joane at Oct 25, 2007 2:31:22 AM

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