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Free Download: Dragonette "The Boys" (Calvin Harris Cover)


Here's a hot one for ya!

The Canadian group turned up their coolness a few notches by covering Calvin Harris' "The Girls" during their gig at London Gay Pride late last month. They appropriately changed the song title into "The Boys." It's sassy, frisky and fun. Just what Dragonette is all about. Make sure to also check out the group's new single "Take It Like A Man."

Download Dragonette "The Boys" [MP3]

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Listen to Plej "Safe Place"


Time for something a little different.

Remember that poptastic tune "All This Love" by Swedish pop outfit The Similou? That song was a huge hit in the U.K. last year and now their handsome lead singer Erik Niklasson comes out with a completely different pop project.

Together with his brother Arvid, Erik has formed the new pop duo Plej (pronounced as "play"). But this is nothing like the bouncy Swedish pop you're used to. Plej's brand of pop is a lot more organic and atmospheric. Perfect for summer with that lush, loungy vibe to it. It is a little bit Air and a little bit Royksopp.

Listen to their first single "Safe Place" from their yet-untitled second album that will be out early 2008 and follows their critically-acclaimed debut "Electronic Music from the Swedish Left Coast."

Their new record was written and produced by Arvid and Erik, and mixed by fellow Swede Hird. You might know him as the man who produced The Knife's "Silent Shout" and Studio's "West Coast" album that is currently also generating a lot of buzz overseas.

Stream Plej "Safe Place." Exclusively on Arjanwrites.com.

Listen to Plej "Safe Place"
Listen to Plej "Safe Place"

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Free Download: Debbie Harry "Two Times Blue"


Legendary singer and music icon Debbie Harry returns with a brand-new album early 2008. This marks the singer's first full-length effort with fresh material in 14 years. The disc, titled "Necessary Evil," was initially scheduled to be out in stores in September but its release has been pushed out a few months to January 2008 according to my sources.

On "Necessary Evil," Harry collaborates with a diverse range of musical partners including edgy young New York production team Super Buddha, Jazz Passengers' Roy Nathanson and Bill Ware, the Toilet Boys' Guy Furrow and longtime collaborator Chris Stein

Harry showcased her new work at the recent True Colors concert series that traveled around the country to raise awareness about issues facing the GLBT community.  Some fans were disappointed that the singer did not perform any of her Blondie classics. In fact, a New York Times reviewer wrote that it was "a kind of cruelty" that she ignored her biggest hits.

But Harry's new single "Two Times Blue" totally makes up for it. It is a satisfying, new wave-ish pop-rock tune that is the lead track from her new album. An MP3 of the song has been floating around the internet, but download it now totally guilt-free. Get it while it's hot.

Download Debbie Harry "Two Times Blue" [MP3]

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Free Download: Chromeo "Tenderoni" Remixes


Check out two banging remixes of Chromeo's new single "Tendoroni" by rave rockers MSTRKRFT and London DJ Graeme Sinden. The track is taken from "Fancy Footwork," the second album of the Montreal-based duo that was released by hot label of the moment, Back Yard Recordings, also home of The Gossip.

"Tenderoni" will equally please bubbly pop lovers, electro hipsters and funk aficionados. The original song is a radio-friendly brew of analogue synths, drums and funky guitars that emphasizes the duo's '80s obsession. Both MSTRKRFT and Sinden have given the single a spin of their own. MSTFKRFT comes with a crafty, big rocking revamp, and Sinden cuts and pastes the original into a kicky bleep fest.

On a related note, it was none other than Michael Jackson who first introduced the term "tenderoni" in his 1982 track "P.Y.T." He sings, "Tendoroni You’ve Got To Be. Spark My Nature. Sugar Fly With Me." (Click here to purchase the radio edit of "Tenderoni" in MP3 format at 7Digital.com.)

Download Chromeo "Tenderoni" (MSTRKFT Remix)
Download Chromeo "Tenderoni" (Sinden Remix)

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Listen to Justin Timberlake "LoveStoned" (Justice Remix)


Justice is ruling dancefloors around the world this summer with their feel-good post-disco smash "D.A.N.C.E." The French DJ duo is now reaching out to the mainstream with a very special remix of Justin Timberlake's new single "LoveStoned."

They stripped away all the fluff of the original and toyed around with the track's key ingredients: the beat, the punchy strings and Timberlake's vocals. They changed the order of the string and vocal sections and added a thumbing new bassline to create a whole new song dynamic.

I particularly like how Justice combined the violent string and vocal sequences (most notably around the 0:50 minute mark) and I dig that funky electro-work-out that kicks in around the 3:40 minute mark. You can get the entire thing here. (Click here to download Justice's new abum on iTunes.)

Stream Justin Timberlake "LoveStoned" remix by Justice:

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