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Insiders are buzzing about British newcomer Ali Love who will be releasing his new single "Secret Sunday Love" in the U.K. next week. He's like an English version of Micky Avalon, combining soulful, vintage sounds with a heavy dose of spunk. It sounds good, looks different and feels very authentic.

Ali Love was raised in a Norfolk community of bohemians and hippies, growing up on a musical diet of 7'0s soul greats such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Womack & Womack. After moving to London, he developed a love for everything house and electro at London's Secret Sundaze, a summer party that ran from noon to midnight in various venues in London's East End.

His debut album "Love Music" is a cheeky homage to his party experience with all of its hedonistic and mind-altering qualities. He recorded the album in his bedroom above an East End nightclub. "I'm right above the entrance so if there was a queue downstairs while I was recording a vocal, or a car horn beeping in the street, that's in there," Love says in a press release. The disc will also include his previous singles "K-Hole" and "Vincent Brain."

The songs on the records are either completely imagined or based on true stories from his London life. Take for example the '60s jam "Shangri-La, which is a reference to a tattoo parlor where his friend Luka had the name of his girlfriend inked on his skin, or "Vincent Brain," which is about a party animal friend Love met out on the town.

Ali Love's new single "Secret Sunday Love" is probably the most slick, most pop-worthy track on the album. It is a glamtastic disco rehash of the funky 2006 original by a band called 1gnite that also features Ali on vocals. You can stream that original tune here. The 12" inch version will include mixes by Tommy Neville (stream), Playgroup (stream) and Sebastian Ledger. Say hello to this new Lucy in the sky of diamonds. (Click here to pre-order the single on HMV.)

Stream Ali Love "Secret Sunday Love"
Listen to Ali Love "Shangri-La" 
Listen to Ali Love "Vincent Brain"
Stream Ali Love "Vincent Brain"

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