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Transatlantic Tunes


Yes, that's right. That's an Arjanwrites logo on a luggage locker at a busy airport somewhere in Europe. I just arrived here a few hours ago and I'm writing this post in an attempt to beat my jetlag. A nice, long sleep is verrrry tempting right now!

I listened to a great iPod mix on my way here. Airplanes are a great place to listen to music. Cramped legroom, salty meals and smelly bathrooms (yuck!) really make music the ideal escape for long haul travel. I decided to to put my iPod on shuffle and write up all the songs that came by with lyrics that stood out to me. Let me share a few with you.

Pet Shop Boys "Psychological" [link]
"I thought I heard a baby cry. I thought I heard a train. It's second nature to you. All in the mind. It's psychological." - Great tune to kick off this Transatlantic shuffle. I love that driving synth bass of this track. And it sort of reflects the feeling that you get after sitting in a confined cabine space for more than 8 hours. It makes you go a little cuckoo.

Keane "Bend & Break" [link]
"If only I don't suffocate. I'll meet you in the morning, when you wake." - A classic Keane track. Glorious piano pop.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion" [link]
"There was a crowd of seas. Inside, outside." -  This song packs a potent punch. Infectious rock 'n roll swagger with Karen O's charismatic delivery. We need more of this.

The Killers "When You Were Young" [link]
"They say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet. You don't have to drink right now. But you can dip your feet every once in a little while." - This song gets better and better the more I hear it. Epic.

Amy Winehouse "Back To Black" [link]
"I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside." What is a frantic, dark and turbulent airplane ride without the hot mess that is Amy Winehouse?

Charlotte Gainsbourg "Little Monsters" [link]
"I could handle sticks and stones, but those words still break my bones." - This song sounds so delicate and fragile, but the lyrics are filled with hilarity. I think she's singing about those screaming toddlers two rows behind me. It's time to turn up the volume.

Every Move Is A Picture "St. John's Night" [link]
"Don't avert your eyes. It's hard enough to show you mine. As they will tell you." - This post-punk, new wave-ish band never got the attention they deserved last year. Great, punchy track. Fans of The Killers, The Bravery and Duran Duran should have a listen.

Royksopp "Only This Moment" (Braxe & Falke Mix) [link]
"Love without pain isn't really romance." Braxe and Falke are the absolute masters at reworking existing (pop) tracks and creating something completely new. This one is a stunner. Strong on the beats without cutting out the song's underlying emotion.

Goldfrapp "Fly Me Away" (C2 Remix 4) [link]
"Fly me away on an aeroplane. High in the sky." This one is pretty appropriate, don't you think? This shuffle feature is totally with me today. This Carl Craig house revamp is bleepy and fun.

Chester French "Neal" (unreleased)
"Grease your hair down, polish up your shoes." Brashy, big beat inspired song of a duo that is going strike it big.

Lo-Fi-Fnk "City" (The Teenagers Remix) [link]
"Boy it's great to be back home, the city, that's where we belong." French pop outfit The Teenagers has produced an excellent remix of Lo-Fi-Fnk's kicky original. They have given it a crunchy, indie edge that sounds a lot rockier, which fits its coming of age lyrics well.

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Eyyyy, poor baby, excuse my manners, welcome to europe, have a nice stay, and please, visit spain, here in my city, madrid, we´ve havingk a super party, the europride, a plenty week of music, bodies and fun.

Posted by: Javier at Jun 28, 2007 2:19:22 AM

great playlist, i have all these songs in my iPod...

Posted by: at Jun 28, 2007 4:08:59 AM

Dude, get out of my ipod. Your taste continues to astound me.

Posted by: Billy at Jul 2, 2007 11:10:08 AM

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