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Patrick Wolf Poses for Burberry


Eclectic singer, multi-instrumentalist, performer and hottie Patrick Wolf is one of the artists featured in Burberry's fall 2007 fashion campaign. Shot by Mario Testino, Burberry's new adverts combine the faces of a new generation of muscial talent (including Wolf and members of The View and The Paddington) with familiar British top model suchs as Finnian Smith and Rob Hughes.

The theme of Burberry's fall line is "British Medieval." Christopher Bailey, Creative Director for Burberry, tells Fashion Week Daily that the idea for the shoot was born during a recent showcase of the fall collection. "The British medieval mood of the show was the starting point to this campaign, where our British models, Agyness, Lily, Kiera, and Georgia, meet today’s young talented British musicians against a backdrop of an iconic argyle and Prorsum horse motif wallpaper."

More Patrick Wolf/Burberry shots after the jump.

Download Patrick Wolf "The Magic Position" (Promo Mix) [MP3]



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Hot New Talent Alert: Heads We Dance


Inspired by the melodic key strokes of the Pet Shoys Boys, the inhibited charm of Roxy Music and the furious beats of Timbaland, Leeds-based quartet Heads We Dance morphs all of these influences into a delightful sound of their own.

Bex (drums), Yoni (synths), Tom (bass) and Pierre (vocals) played their first gig at the Dead Disco launch in September 2006 only a few weeks after forming the group. They took their name from Kate Bush' "Heads We're Dancing" a song taken from her 1989 album "Sensual World." 

Heads We Dance's vision is not only driven by the great sounds of the past, they also find inspiration in film, literature and the idiosyncrasies of today's technology-driven society.  Early sci-fi visions of Metropolis, books by Aldous Huxley and Philip K Dick, and a fascination with the internet complete their musical aesthetic.

Their lead track "My Heart Is Set On You" is a good example. It is a song about about love in our rushed society with imaginative lyrics inspired by the internet, dating agencies and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. It has a catchy dance floor bounce and a yummy, swirly keyboard hook in the chorus that packs great energy. It is synth-pop bliss without being too flashy.

The success of Calvin Harris has primed British pop lovers for the sound of craftier disco-pop. And in his slipstream comes a slew of obscure, like-minded acts that could chart equally well (or better). With a strong lead single, Heads We Dance has a good chance to break out from the pack. Keep your eye on these four. Highly recommended. (A big thanks to the lovely Bex for giving me the scoop and the okay to share.)

Download Heads We Dance "My Heart Is Set On You" [MP3]

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Arjan Interviews Mandy Moore


"(. . .) Gay marriage is a no-brainer. I believe in equality and everybody should have the same opportunities. It is just what I believe in and everybody should believe in it. It makes me a little angry that there are other people out there that tend to believe otherwise."

- Mandy Moore tells me in an interview.  Mandy Moore stars together with Robin Williams and John Krasinski in the movie License To Wed that opens in theatres next week.

Read my entire interview with Moore on Bravo's OutZoneTV.com. She talks candidly about dating, her secret girl crush, the making of her new album "Wild Hope" and much more.

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Free Download: Mighty Six Ninety "Mistakes Like These"


Mighty Six Ninety is a familiar phrase to many people in Southern California. It is the name of a border-blasting AM radio station in the Tijuana area of Baja California, Mexico that was one of the most popular top 40 stations in the San Diego area in the 1980s. The Mightly 690 was an inspiration to many aspiring musicians at the time, including Rich Michalowski who grew up in a rural area outside of San Diego.

The radio station was Michalowski's first taste of commercial pop music. He used to listen to the radio station and started learning the guitar soon after. He began obsessively rehearsing the instrument for 8-10 hours a day. Fast-forward to 2006, Michalowski named his new band Mighty Six Ninety as an homage to the pop radio station. The quintet includes Rich Michalowski on vocal/guitar, Jeremy Castillo on guitar, Benjamin Herr on bass, Reade Pryor on drums and Camouflage on keyboards.

The band is preparing the release of their debut album "Cheers To The Bitter End" on July 17. The group's catchy tunes are polished and fun to listen to. It echoes the sounds of many of the artists that inspired them, including New Order, The Cure and The Smiths. Michalowski and his pals layer melodic synths with rippling basslines, soaring guitars and yearning vocals.

Even though Michalowski was inspired by '80s new wave and pop, he writes me he doesn't consider Mighty Six Ninety an '80s band. "We're influenced by pop music from the early 90's and late 80's. Some of our favorite albums are from 80's band's who continued to released material well into the 90's," Machalowski writes Arjan. "However, it would be unfair to call us an '80's band. After all, we don't wear make up."

One of my favorite tracks is "Mistakes Like These" that has a special meaning to Michalowski. "I was terribly depressed and wrote half the song on the edge of my bed late one night," Michalowski writes me. "It was more about a feeling than the lyrics. Jeremy and I later finished the chorus and pre-chorus together over the phone and during a few studio sessions. We wrote most of 'Cheers To The Bitter End' in this same way." 

Download MSN "Mistakes Like These" [MP3]

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Listen to Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder" (DJ Strobe Rmx)

Pittsburgh-based DJ Strobe has turned Maroon 5's smash hit "Makes Me Wonder" into a blazing house remix that perfectly mashes the original radio edit with Strobe's smooth and deep house beats. He is currently pitching three different versions of the mix (including the Summertime In Ibizia Dub) to DJs around the world. So don't be surprised if the track pops up in the clubs of your summer getaway this summer. (Click here to subscribe to Strobe's poscast on iTunes.)

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