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It's Only the Beginning...


Did you happen to catch the season premiere of HBO's Entourage on Sunday? And if you did, were you totally grooving along to the song that played during the episode's closing credits?

A big congratulations to my pals of Chester French! It was their song "She Loves Everybody" that was featured at the end of the show. A very appropriate pick. I bet it was Mark Wahlberg himself, the show's executive producer, who selected that song.

I am convinced that the exposure on the popular HBO television show is only the beginning for the snazzy Harvard duo of D.A. Wallach (pictured on the right) and Maxwell Drummy (on the left). Chester French makes pop in its finest form with an old school vibe to it that I find incredibly appealing. Their music is like a box of scrumptious pralines that burst with delightful melodic hooks and clever lyrical wit. Each of them carefully prepared according to a timeless recipe.

Over the last few months, D.A. has kept me posted about the band's plans. From what he told me, I can conclude that great things are about to happen to Chester French. So keep 'em on your radar. (No pressure at all, guys. Ha!)

If you haven't listened to Chester French yet, you can stream some of their songs on MySpace. (Click here to purchase "She Loves Everybody" on iTunes.)

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