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Download Tracey Thorn "Raise The Roof " U-MYX


Tracey Thorn's brand-new single "Raise The Roof" was formally released in the U.K. today. The song is another accomplished collaboration between Thorn and Brighton-based DJ/producer Cagedbaby (aka Tom Gandey).

Cagedbaby craftfully wraps Thorn's timeless vocals in a shimmering, downbeat electro-pop arrangement that packs a great message, "All those years I wasted. Sitting on my own. Think what I could have tasted. If I'd only known."

The talented Cagedbaby also created a throbbing dub version and vocal mix of the song that is available on the CD single. You can listen to the dub on his MySpace page.

Head over to U-MYX to download the free U-MYX version of "Raise The Roof." With the U-MYX software you can create your own remix version of the song and upload it to share it with others. You can even send it your mobile phone to play it wherever you are or to set it as your ringtone.

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