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The Story of Kate Havnevik & Britney Spears


I had a lovely chat with the amazing Kate Havnevik last night. She's a wonderful spirit who candidly shared details about her debut album, her inspirations, books, movies, and yes, we even chatted about Britney Spears. I read in Kate's bio that she was linked to the troubled pop star so I was curious what exactly had happened between the two because their worlds seems so far apart.

Kate smiled when I asked and was glad to explain. One evening back in 2005, she was in Los Angeles when she received a phone call from her friend and producer Guy Sigsworth. He was working with Britney Spears on a track and needed Kate's help with the background vocals. She rushed over and contributed her vocals to the song "Somewhere (You Will Understand)." It was a friendly favor to Guy as she was never paid for it.

"Somewhere (You Will Understand)" is a bonus track that Spears cut for her "Chaotic" EP. You can watch the video for the song on YouTube or you can download the track on iTunes, which better accentuates Kate's part. Kate's warm and atmospheric voice in the song's chorus creates a significant contrast with Spears' throaty vocals.

More of my exclusive interview with Kate Havnevik soon. In the meantime, download an MP3 of Kate's "Unlike Me" if you haven't already.

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