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Hot off the heels of his successful shows in London and New York, Darren Hayes has released the teaser track "Who Would Have Thought"" on his web site. The song is an introduction to his new album "This Delicate Thing We've Made" that is out in August. First single to be taken off that 25-song double disc is titled "On The Verge Of Something Wonderful" and will be released in July.

Produced together with Justin Shave and Robert Conley, "Who Would Have Thought?" seems to be a reflection of Hayes' intense personal journey of the last three years. The singer comes full circle after dealing with the painful break up of Savage Garden, the trauma of his violent childhood and his struggle with depression on his experimental 2004 album "The Tension & The Spark." The tide has finally turned for Hayes who started his own Powdered Sugar record label, came out as a gay man and married his boyfriend Richard Cullen in 2006. (Click here to read my interview with Darren for a little bit more insight.)

On "Who Would Have Thought?," Darren Hayes steps into light. It is a moody electro-pop production that is contrasted by Hayes' emotive vocals that joyfully soar in the song's bridge. Make sure to catch the wedding bells toward the end of the track that is a cute nod to his wedding day. I'm truly impressed by this new Darren Hayes effort and the excellent and very symbolic animated video that accompanies this teaser track.

Watch Darren Hayes "Who Would Have Thought?" [QT]
  Listen to Darren Hayes "Who Would Have Thought?" [QT]

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