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Free Download: Mancini "In The End"


Mancini is stirring up a hot little fuss with their debut single "Up Country" that was released in the U.K. this week. It is still a bit early but I think that this new talent is poised for success. As I blogged previously, the group offers both style and substance with their peppy electro pop and charismatic and hyper-seductive front woman Iraina Mancini.

The group's manager has already received an inquiry from a major U.S. label this week so things are moving ahead for the group. To feed the buzz a little more, the band has allowed me to exclusively share their song "In The End." The version I posted is a demo that is currently being reworked by Jagz Kooner. It will likely be Mancini's second or third single.

"In The End" is a gritty, rock-infused pop song that clearly shows off those "gyrating guitars" that the band has been talking about. It is a tight track that bursts with Iraina's hypnotic energy. Playing the role of a lusty lover, she croons about "sleeping out" in the grass with the "trees" around and "ants (. . .) crawling on [her] back." Mancino is up for a good time and this is another track to prove it. (Click here to purchase Mancini music on indiestore.)

Download Mancini "In The End" (Demo) [MP3]

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