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Detroit pop-rockers Electrix Six have become known for injecting their music with a heavy dose of humor. Lead singer Dick Valentine even admitted in a recent interview that "80 percent of our songs, maybe even higher than 80 percent" are "about absolutely nothing.

Their cover of the Queen classic "Radio Ga Ga" put them in the center of controversy last year. Hardcore Queen fans were outraged by the video that shows Dick Valentine as the ghost of Freddie Mercury with a band of poodles (inspired by Bryan May's hairstyle I'm sure). The song is taken from the group's album "Señor Smoke" that was released in the U.S. last year.

Valentine recently explained on the group's web site that the video was made in good fun. "Though some have claimed this video portrays me dancing on Freddie Mercury's grave, actually it's more like we are resurrecting Mr. Mercury for the duration of the song and his grave is the logical starting point," Valentine writes.

He adds that the video was also a response to their label's decision to release the song as a single because it supposedly had the most chart potential. "Anyhow, everyone knows we disliked the fact that we had to put this song on our record, so this ridiculous video took a little bit of the sting out of it for us and made it somewhat bearable. It was also very rewarding to work with dogs." (Click here to down Electric Six "Radio Ga Ga" on iTunes.)

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