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Free Download: Ultra "The Sun Shines Brighter"


Ultra sold millions of records a few years ago, but its four members went their separate ways after a nasty dispute with their record label. The quartet’s new album "The Sun Shines Brighter” marks their official comeback. The title track is a gooey love song that might manage to stick with you whether you like it or not.

Fans of Take That, Boyzone and Westlife will be in for a sweet treat, and others might just want to bite into this guilty pleasure to get a little taste for it. It is one of those middle-of-the-road pop songs that you indulge in or spit out immediately. (Free download is courtesy of indiestore that has made this song available as a promotional track with permission of the artist. Click here to purchase other MP3s in the indiestore catalog.)

Download Ultra "The Sun Shines Brighter" [MP3 via indiestore]

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