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Currently on tour with Lily Allen, Los Angeles based The Bird and The Bee is promoting their self-titled debut album and trying to grow their U.S. fanbase. A New York Times reviewer wasn't too impressed with their recent performance at Joe's Pub. After pointing out that this group is Los Angeles "to the core" and that there are "sinister energies beneath every sunny, positive musical gesture," he concluded in his review that their show is "too fragile for the stage."

But it is the fragility and vulnerability of Inara George's voice and Greg Kurstin's subtle electro kicks that I particularly like about The Bird an The Bee. Their music has a certain cool, class and sass that pulls me in and makes me want to hear it again and again. Ideal for a rainy day or a sunny afternoon.

"Because" is another gem from the duo's debut disc. It combines the group's mellow 60's style songwriting and Inara's lush vocals with contemporary production tricks. I dare to say that I notice a minimalist hip & hop vibe on "Because" similar to the beats and bits squeezed out by Pharrell and friends. Thanks to EMI for giving me permission me to share this track on Arjanwrites.com (Click here to purchase "The Bird  and The Bee" on iTunes.)

Download The Bird and The Bee "Because" [MP3]

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