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The Secret Handshake is a project by one-man laptop wizard Luis Dubuc. The Texan likes to describe his music as "emo-tinged electronic music" that is an excellent description of his sound that is a cross between Fall Out Boy, Mylo and favorite, Young Love.

After putting out his full-length "Antarctica" in 2004 and the EP "This Is Bigger Than You And I" in 2005, he recently released his new EP "Summer Of '98" with new tracks and remixes. To celebrate the release of the disc, The Secret Handshake has teamed up with the folks of U-MYX who have created simple software that lets people create remixes of songs without any technical knowledge or special equipment.

Go to the U-MYX web site to download The Secret Handshake's track "Summer Of '98" that you can remix and save for your own use. You can also upload your U-MYX jam to The Secret Handshake's web site to share with it others. Pretty nifty. Go to his MySpace page to hear what people have remixed so far.

To get some inspiration for your own U-MYX, check out a throbbing remix of The Secret Handshake's "Too Young" that was produced by hipster DJs Toxic Avengers. It's an excellent remix that makes you forget about the melancholic emo qualities of the original. The Secret Handshake's debut album will be out later this year. (Click here to download The Secret Handshake's debut EP on iTunes.)

Download The Secret Handshake "Too Young" (T.A. Remix)

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