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Free Download: Yoko Ono "Every Man, Every Woman" (2007 Blow Up Version)


I had the pleasure of meeting Yoko Ono for the second time a few weeks ago to talk about her new music project "Yes, I'm A Witch." Meeting Ono is an experience like no other. I remember the first time that we chatted she insisted that we prayed for world peace before we started the interview.

Our second meet was all about how enthusiastic she is about how more music gets out to people via MP3 blogs and MySpace, because "music and art will help to heal the world." I will post my interview with Ono on Arjanwrites.com very soon.

"Yes, I'm A Witch" is an extraordinary project. The pop culture icon selected a group of contemporary artists to re-record her songs using her own original vocals. Artists like Le Tigre, Antony & The Johnsons, The Flaming Lips and Peaches participated in this project.

Listen to the Blow-Up's revamped 2007 version of Ono's classic (gay) anthem "Every Man, Every Woman" that first appeared on 1980's "Double Fantasy" album. The California DJ did an excellent job to make it sound really fresh and catchy while doing fully justice to Ono's original masterpiece.

"Yoko's collaboration with John in music, art & activism is legionary and inspiring. But it's her body of work as a solo performance artist, musician & lyricist that is outstanding in it's own right," says Paolo Cilione of Blow-Up in a press statement. "Adding background vocals, hand claps and pop sensibility is how we envisioned her uplifting song about uninhibited love." Click here to purchase "Yes, I'm A Witch" on iTunes. (Much love to EMI for allowing to share this track.)

Download Yoko Ono "Every Man, Every Woman" (2007 Blow-Up Version) [MP3]

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I love the track, though I didn't think it was too terribly different from the original Blow Up mix from 2004.

Posted by: Marc at Feb 19, 2007 4:07:55 PM

I liked it a lot. Yoko ain't Loco like Jacko is Wacko, but she definitely keeps pushing the envelope.

Posted by: Concert Tickets at Feb 28, 2007 12:28:55 PM

Posted by: Abdullah at Jul 26, 2007 11:29:47 AM

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