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Free Download: Chester French "The Jimmy Choo's"


Big things are about to happen to Chester French. The happy Harvard duo has gone from street performances at Boston's Copley Square to dorm room recording sessions and gearing up their MySpace page. A major label recording contract just seems the next logical (and inevitable) step. And rightfully so. After I first featured the group back in December, I have become a huge fan of their music.

Chester French are 21 year-old Harvard students Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach. The two are quickly building an online fanbase with the help of their MySpace page, steadily building momentum from the fans up. I have stayed in touch with Wallach and have listened to some of their demo tracks and I must say that it sounds fantastic.

The duo combines '60s style songwriting with a sense of soul, intelligence and wit that is rarely found in pop music these days. Take for example the catchy "The Jimmy Choo's," a perky tune about "Miss Pristine" who keeps her man close at hand to buy herself pretty little things, like shoes. "She grabs all the cash from my paper stash. Yeah, she takes it all. Cheesecake, fake bake, disco ball. But she's got me," Wallach sings.

The song mixes up a myriad of styles and instruments to create a whole new brew that is invigorating and straight up fun. The duo even dares to experiment with the traditional pop structure of verse, chorus and bridge, which makes the song somewhat unpredictable and a joy to listen to far beyond your first few spins.

Chester French are being courted by major labels and influential music execs who can pull the strings  to make them really big. So don't be surprised to see much more of them very soon. The guys were happy to share an MP3 file for a limited time on Arjanwrites.com so get it while it's hot. Make sure to add them as a friend on MySpace. (Thanks to Chester French for allowing me post their music.)

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Very Nice Web sit for User Fr...

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Posted by: Harish at Oct 1, 2007 8:16:44 PM

I cant download the song!! I try and it says file not found... and I cant find them on i tunes!

Posted by: ale at Feb 3, 2008 9:06:45 PM

Can you re-link or re-post this track? Thanks...

Posted by: at Jul 7, 2008 6:30:58 PM