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Video Premiere: Kelis ft. Cee-Lo "Lil' Star"

Check out the video for Kelis' new single "Lil Star" that was produced by Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo who also lends vocals to the track. The song is a refreshing change from all the girl power on some of the singer's previous singles that brought all the boys to the yeard. "Lil Star" introduces a different side of Kelis with its pensive lyrics and soulful sound.

In a press statement, Kelis explains that this song is important to show people she's not always the tough person people think she is. "I can’t be confident and bold and obnoxious all the time,” Kelis says. “What kind of person would I be? I’m a human being and I have other sides, too. I’m not always secure and I’m not always confident. I have moments where I get self-conscious."

A fitting prop in the video is Kelis' space coat to protect her from harm. Thank god this heavenly creature is human after. (Click here to download Kelis "Lil Star" on iTunes.

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