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Guilty Pleasure: LAX "Forget You"


Mix up bits of Sugababes, the Pussycat Dolls and JoJo and what you get is new American girlgroup LAX. The trio was recently signed to Blackground Records, the label that also released JoJo and Aaliyah. LAX are Southern California-based Brianna, Cristina and Jamie who got their start early as kids on local talent competitions. They started working with songwriter/producer Alex Cantrall (JoJo, Fantasia) who prepared the girls for a meeting with Blackground's Vincent Herbert who immediately saw potential in LAX after the global success of JoJo's "Too Little Too Late" that features a comparable sound. "Forget You" is an accomplished slice of sugary, throw-away pop that could easily become one of your biggest guilty pleasures this spring.

Listen to LAX "Forget You" [Real]
Watch LAX  "Forget You" [Quicktime]

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