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Free Download: Bitter:sweet "The Mating Game"


Los Angeles-based duo Bitter:sweet produces an unusual hybrid of jazz, electronica and world music. It is chill like Zero 7 but has the trippy qualities of Portishead. Their album "The Mating Game" was released last year and includes "Bittersweet Faith" that was also included on the popular "The Devil Wears Prada" soundtrack.

Bitter:sweet are singer/songwriter Shana Halligan and songwriter/producer Kiran Shahani who previously founded the Supreme Beings of Leisure. The band was formed when Halligan responded to an ad on Craiglist posted by Shahani wo was looking for a singer to complement his new project. Together they recorded the debut "The Mating Game" that was released back in April of 2006.

Check out a guilt-free MP3 download of "The Mating Game." It is one of those polished and well-produced tracks that paints a clear sonic picture and transports you instantly to a '60s spy novel. Delicious. It will accessorize your day. (Click here to purchase "The Mating Game" album on iTunes.)

Download Bitter:sweet "The Mating Game" [MP3]

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A Date With John Waters


Filmmaker John Water has put together a special Valentine's Day present for you. And it is anything but heart-shaped and expected. He has compiled an unusual collection of tunes on "A Date With John Waters" that is a welcome alternative to the sugar-sweet love songs found on many other Valentine's Day collections.

Waters selected songs like the classic 1956 cover "Tonight You Belong To Me" by Patience and Prudence, the punky "Jet Boy Jet Girl" by Elton Motello, "All I Can Do Is Cry" by Ike & Tina Turner, "Hit The Road To Dreamland" by Dean Martin and "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake" by Eileen Barton with the New Yorkers from 1950.

In his taped liner notes, Water tells a story about what a date with him would be like and what songs he would pick for the occasion. He makes special mention of Clarence "Frogman" Henry's "Ain't Got No Home" that he calls the "first tri-sexual song ever recorded."

Waters summarizes it best by saying, "May all your Valentine’s be kind, raunchy, beautifully alarming, and know how to reciprocate."

Watch Waters read the liner notes [YouTube]

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Air Releases New Single Today


Air's much-anticipated new single "Once Upon A Time" is available now in iTunes stores worldwide. Listen to the track, close your eyes and time will stand still for a moment with lyrics that keep repeating, "Don't try to be on time."

The track is a multi-layered slice of atmospheric electro pop that is a return to Air's signature sound with its moody, propulsive piano riff and lush vocals. They even included a flute section towards of the track that I particularly like. I can't spot any of the traditional Japanese instrumentation that a press release made mention of earlier.

The song is taken from the duo's new album "Pocket Symphony" that will be out on Astralwerks in the U.S. on March 6. (Click here to purchase the track on iTunes.)

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Scissor Sisters Kick Off Japanese Tour, Film New Video, Duet with PSB


Scissor Sisters kicked off their Japanese tour last night at the Tokyo Zepp Theatre. Jake is wearing a Disney inspired suit designed by Zaldy. While they were in town, the group also shot the video for their next U.K. single "She's My Man" directed by acclaimed Japanese director Nagi Noda.

In related news, Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant writes on the Pet Shop Boys web site that he will performing a song with Scissor Sisters on stage next month at a Body & Soul charity gig in London. (Thanks to Jordan for this little tidbit.)

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Stream Sarah Nixey "When I Am Here With You"


Sarah Nixey is arguably one of the best kept secrets in pop music. Today, her label digitally released her exquisite new single "When I Am Here With You." It is a sweet and subtle electronic arrangement that provides maximum space to Nixey's tender, fairy-like vocals. Think Goldfrapp, but than a lot sweeter. The song is taken from the British singer's debut album "Sing, Memory" that will be released on ServiceAV on February 12. (Click here to purchase the song from iTunes.)

Stream Sarah Nixey "When I am Here With You"

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