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Disco Friday: Eric Prydz vs Floyd "Proper Education"

Eric Prydz became one of the superheroes of the European dance scene with his massive crossover hit "Call On Me" back in 2004. On his new single "Proper Education," the Swedish DJ and producer attempts to revamp one of the greatest rock songs of all time, Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall."

Prydz said in an interview with BBC Radio One that he decided to put out this special remix as a single after it became an audience favorite in Ibiza this past summer. However, it took several months for Pink Floyd to provide clearance.

I am not enjoying this mix very much. It is hard for Prydz to make me forget the greatness of the original even though he put a fun, kicky beat to it. The video for the song packs a great message though. It emphasizes the importance of conserving energy to protect the environment. Kids are shown replacing light bulbs and turning off a television that isn't watched. In conjunction with Pink Floyd's lyrics, bricks are put in a toilet to save water with flushing and in a refrigerator to save energy by decreasing the amount of air inside. Al Gore would gladly approve.

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