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Mika Showcases Debut Album


Andy has a report from the "secret" Mika showcase in New York City last night, which I unfortunately had to miss. I can't believe that Mika all of a sudden is just everywhere. It is probably what happens when music honcho Tommy Mottola is on your side.

I'm just wondering why Mika's '70s flavored pop was singled out and chosen to be pushed out to the masses as opposed to Scissor Sisters' like-minded music (both are signed to Universal). Is it because Mika decided to get back into the closet and is perhaps more marketable that way? Gay innuendo worked for Elton John, Darren Hayes and Freddie Mercury for years during their career. Who knows.

In any event, I'm happy that Mika adds much needed flavor to mainstream radio. (Photo by MediaEater)

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