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Video Premiere: Mika "Grace Kelly"


Momentum has been building for emerging British singer/songwriter Mika and now Universal finally releases the video for his much-anticipated official debut single "Grace Kelly." It is a festive video that shows off some of Mika's curvy dance moves and his infectious falsetto that is reminiscent of artists like Freddie Mercury and Jake Shears.

Call Mika "too dirty" or "too flirty" and perhaps you even want to call him gay. But in my interview with Mika a few weeks ago, the singer preferred not to talk about his sexuality and confirm that he is either gay or straight. "My music speaks for itself," he told

Interestingly, on "Grace Kelly" he touches upon the issue of his identity and what people either want or expect him to be. He sings, "I try to be like Grace Kelly. But all her looks were too sad. So I try a little Freddie. I've gone identity mad! (. . .) I could be anything you like." It seems like the last thing Mika want is to pigeonhole himself, whether it concerns his professional or private life.

Mika wrote "Grace Kelly" after he felt frustrated with record label executives that wanted him to change his sound to fit to the common pop mold. Mika refused and went his own way to write this song and a bunch of others. However, the label honchos came around and decided to sign Mika anyway after hearing the fabulous "Grace Kelly." How ironic.  (Don't forget the Mika contest to have a chance to win a limited edition EP.)

Watch Mika "Grace Kelly"

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