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It is offical. Tracey Thorn's new solo album will be released on March 20 in the U.S. on Astralwerk. The label sent a formal statement out today with an introduction to the singer and some background info about the new album. The disc will be titled "Out Of The Woods." As posted earlier, you can listen to the fantastic new track "It's All True" on her MySpace page.

Full statement after the jump.

"If there is a timeless cross-generational voice in modern English pop, folk and electronica, it is that of Tracey Thorn. From her cult 1982 raw mini-album classic 'A Distant Shore,' through best-selling eighties alt-pop with Everything But The Girl, to her re-emergence in the nineties with EBTG’s world-trouncing crossover-electronica ('Missing,'  'Walking Wounded') and seminal guest appearances with Massive Attack ('Protection') and Deep Dish ('The Future Of The Future'), she has articulated so many soundtracks to our modern lives with her simple, direct, tender-tough deliveries and lyrics.

In 2000, after twenty years of recording and touring, and shortly after the birth of the first of the three children she now has with professional and private life partner Ben Watt, she walked away to raise her family. She didn’t sing a note for five years. But by 2005 she found herself writing again, and a chance guest appearance on uber-hip German electro duo, Tiefschwarz’s album Eat Books whetted an appetite to write more and return to the studio. With Ben tied up with his own new record label and DJ career and their mutual agreement that EBTG was on long-term hiatus, she chose to go it alone.

Eschewing hi-tech equipment, she bought an old-fashioned 4-track cassette recorder, waited for the house to empty during the day and recorded a clutch of raw demos and ideas at home with her guitar and quirky instruments purchased off e-Bay. In contrast to the primitivism of the demos, she then deliberately handpicked some of the most future-facing and imaginative producers currently working in the world of electronica to help her fully realize the project, including Ewan Pearson, Charles Webster,Tom Gandey, Martin Wheeler, and Alex Santos. The result is 'Out Of Woods.' Musically it is a snapshot of so much music she has ever been into and about, capturing moments of late seventies disco, pastoral folk-psychedelica, dance floor pop bliss and stark balladry. It may have been twenty-four years, but a modern follow-up to 'A Distant Shore is finally here.'"

(Source: Astralwerks)

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