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Global Beats: Ivri Lider (Israel)


Arjanwrites.com reader HiC wrote me about openly gay pop artist Ivri Lider who has built a solid career as a mainstream pop singer in Israel. Lider surprised everyone when he came out of the closet as a gay man in  2001 in conjunction with the release of his third album. Fortunately, his openness has not affected his popularity in the charts.

Lider made his debut in 1997 with the release of the platinum-selling "Melatef Umeshaker" ("Caressing And Lying") that delivered two hit singles. His success continued with the release of four more album, including 2006's live CD/DVD package "Ivri Lider: Live CD." Most recently, the singer reworked Gershwin's sultry classic "The Man I Love" for the the soundtrack of the new Fox & Uchovsky film "The Bubble."

Also, listen to "Bo" ("Come"), Lider's biggest hit to date. Lider performed the song for the soundtrack of Eytan Fox & Gal Uchovsky movie  "Yossi and Jagger" in 2003. Don't let the gutterul sounds turn you off. His emotive delivery is strong whether or not you understand the language. In other words, these beats are global. [This post was written in support of Madonna's Raising Malawi. Donate today. Email me if you have suggestions for Global Beats.)

Watch Ivri Lider "Bo"
Watch Ivri Lider "The Man I Love"

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Free Download: Cassettes Won't Listen "The Sidewalk Cruise"


Cassettes Won't Listen is the brainchild of New York-based multi-instrumentalist Jason Drake who founded the project as a solo effort in 2004.  On Tuesday, he released his instrumental album "The Quiet Trial" that seems inspired by his fun with the turntables, indie-rock and the streets of New York. Musically, Cassettes Won't Listen might remind you of Air's atmospheric electro and the delicate kicks of Alan Braxe.

Recorded in Drake's Tribeca home studio, "The Quiet Trial" [stream] is a lush collage of instrumental electro-pop intertwined with samples from street sounds, voice mail recordings and television newscasts. Take for example "The Sidewalk Cruise." Close your eyes and imagine floating down Manhattan's urban grid ignoring the hustle and bustle on every street corner while listening to this track. Other stand out tracks include the hip hop inspired "Fresh Dipped," the melodic voice mail mash-up "Gigga" and the multi-layered "To Have A Crush" that combines propulsive synths with Drake's rock sensibilities.

Jason Drake's Cassettes Won't Listen is a force to be reckoned with. "The Quiet Trial" shows that he has a knack for both melody and innovation. This is hands-down one of the most accessible and accomplished electronica records of 2006. (Click here to purchase and download "The Quiet Trial.") (Thanks to Dope Lotus Recordings for allowing me to share this track with Arjanwrites.com readers.)

Download Cassettes Won't Listen "The Sidewalk Cruise" [MP3]

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Stream Mylo "Salt Lick"


Mylo is currently back in the studio working on his new album. In anticipation of new stuff to come, he offers his vintage brew "Salt Lick" for fans' streaming pleasure on MySpace. This rare track is a left-over from his "Destroy Rock 'N Roll" bedroom sessions that caused a huge stink with rock band Toto. Mylo cuts, chops, hacks, slices and dices up their classic "Stop Loving You" to create a helluva poptastic dancefloor stomper.

Toto wasn't pleased with it. "Most of the time, when I sample something it's meant as a compliment. The only track I ever really got burned on was a track called 'Salt Lick,'" Mylo tells The Age. "[It] isn't on the album and never got released. I spent a lot of time trying to get clearance from Toto, but they completely blanked it."

"My track was speeded up and chopped up and the whole point of it was taking the piss out of the source material. I can imagine they would have really, really hated it. I certainly would have hated it if I had been them. I wasn't surprised at all that they blanked it."

Listen to it on Mylo's MySpace page. Do it now before Toto tells him to remove it.

Stream Mylo "Salt Lick"

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Free Download: Tahiti 80 "Changes" (Borderline Remix)


Check out the Borderline remix of Tahiti 80's new single "Changes." It is an excellent mix that adds a few new dramatic synth touches and a soulful string section to the catchy grooves of the original. Back in October, I first wrote about this French pop group who released their album "Fosbury" in the United States on November 14.

"Fosbury" was produced by Neal Pogue and Serban Ghenea, respectively Outkast’s and NERD’s sound engineers, who created a sound that doesn't sound particularly French. "Fosbury" takes its cues from hip hop acts like Kelis and Outkast, but also from '80s pop like New Order versus Curtis Mayfield soul. Also, watch the video for "Changes" that was directed by Jonas Odell who also worked on Madonna's "Music" video. (Hugs to the peeps at Militia for allowing me to post this track.)

Download Tahiti 80 "Changes" (Borderline Remix)

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My Playlist: Davis, MTV's The Real World Denver


In my shameless effort to combine the sweet with the crunchy on this blog, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put up a photo of Davis who is currently appearing on MTV's The Real World Denver. The gay frat boy from Marietta, GA is making the hearts of plenty of gay guys and straight girls tick a little faster with his good ole' Southern charm. Via the fine folks at MTV/Urge, Davis tells Arjanwrites.com about some of his favorite tracks he used to listen to while filming the show this summer. His taste is not particularly eclectic, but it is an okay mix of mainstream favorites. His descriptions refer to a few of his Real World cast mates. Learn more about them here. So let's get to it. What's on Davis' playlist?

Keane, "Leaving So Soon"
"I first heard this song when we were in Thailand. We had just found out that when our vacation was over, we'd all be going home just six days later. I listened to the song a lot realizing we'd all be leaving."

Cassie, "Me & U"
"The first night we moved into the house, Alex and I went out to a club, and I remember hearing and loving this song."

Nelly Furtado, "Promiscuous"
"We just seemed to hear this song every club we went to all summer. PJ loved it, too!"

(Davis' entire list after the jump.)

Cherish, "Do It, To It"
"For some reason, I loved this song and would always sing it with the kids on Outward Bound while hiking mountains."

Christina Aguilera, "Ain't No Other Man"
"PJ heard this song while I was in Denver and send it to me on a CD and said I'd love it ... he was right."

Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy"
"Brooke heard this song in L.A. before she came to Denver and would always be singing it. None of us had heard it yet and thought Brooke was just singing about how crazy she was."

Bubba Sparxxx, "Miss New Booty"
"Brooke's theme song. She loved her 'big juicy booty,' as she liked to call it."

Kelis, "Bossy"
"Colie's theme song. She was the bossiest of the girls and loved the line 'I'm a boss!' at the beginning."

Ciara, "So What"
"We first heard this at the beginning of the summer out clubbing. I remember dancing with Ty to it."

Pussycat Dolls, "Buttons"
"Jenn had just gotten done touring with a dance group and had the sickest dance routine to this song that she'd perform on me."

Panic! At The Disco, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"
Colie and Jenn were OBSESSED with this song and stayed up all night singing the lyrics they found online; however, their version was totally off from the real one."

E-40, "Tell Me Where to Go"
"I'm somewhat of a terrible dancer, but Ty taught me some moves to this song. Alex loved the 'Go stupid/Go dumb, dumb, dumb' line."

Justin Timberlake, "SexyBack"
"Brooke was sure Justin was singing about a girl with a sexy back, i.e. a nice booty."

Yung Joc, "It's Goin' Down"
"Another song that reminds me of Ty and him getting down at the club. When he dances, everyone's gotta get out of the way."

Rihanna, "Unfaithful"
"I heard this song right before I came to Denver and was always singing it. I'm sure whichever director had to listen to me was so annoyed."

Brittany Murphy, "Faster Kill Pussy Cat"
"I wasn't a fan of Brittany Murphy until I heard this song. She has such a sexy voice, and I'd always request it when we were out."

Kierra Sheard, "You Don't Know"
"When I first met Steve, we talked about our love of gospel music and both really liked this song. It's awesome!"

John Mayer, "3x5"
"One of Steve's and my favorite singers. We both sang this a lot out in the woods."

Jay-Z, "Change Clothes"
"Wherever we wanted to change clothes, we had to get our microphones temporarily removed. So, I'd tell the director I needed to change cloths and then start singing this song."

John Legend, "It's Alright"
"Tyrie and I both loved this song and bonded on our first Outward Bound trip singing it while hiking down a mountain. Needless to say, we sang a lot on hikes."

Kirk Franklin, "Hosanna"
"I always was humming or singing this song whenever I was on a ledge, going rappelling, or just felt in danger. It's a cool gospel song that made me feel safer."

(Visit MTV's Urge for other MTV The Real World Denver music tips and videos.)

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