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Exclusive: Fiscerspooner Recording New Album


Thank god that there is life after Ibiza. After a successful concert series on the sexy island of Ibiza in 2005, several side projects and a hot gig here and there, Fischerspooner is back in the studio recording their third album. This will be the follow up follow-up to the excellent (and often misunderstood) "Odyssey" CD.

Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer are working with multi-instrumentalist Ian Pai in their Brooklyn studio. Pai brings a unique perspective to this new Fischerspooner project. He was the original drummer and one of the co-creators of Blue Man Group who first got involved with the duo as the Music Director for their live shows.

"Everything we've been working on sounds really fresh and different from all the other things that are out there right now," Pai tells "It's been fun to take a song like 'Unrealistic' and work it out a bit in front of a live audience. There's a long way to go and many things will change in the process but the point is to continue making art and challenging ourselves along the way."

Spooner has also been traveling with the Wooster Group playing Laertes in their production of Hamlet. The theatre group has performed in Barcelona, Paris and is currently in Berlin. "I have been boucing between Hamlet and writing the record," Spooner tells me. "[It is] my art school dream come to be working with this company. It is really challenging work and very inspiring." Spooner will be performing with the Wooster Group in New York starting in March. will keep you posted on new Fischerspooner album details as they unfold. So stay tuned! Also check their MySpace page and Flickr photo page. (Great shot with Courtney Love and Michel Stipe there.)

In related Fischerspooner news, the African Well Fund is currently auctioning off a laced Casey Spooner designed waterbottle. All proceeds will go to the very worthy African Well Fund charity.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday gift, bid on this one now. (Photo courtesy of Casey Spooner, 2006)

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