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The Desperate Beginnings of Josh Henderson


Here's a cheesy tidbit for all you Desperate Housewives fans out there. After Jesse Metcalfe left the show, Josh Henderson is the series' newest heartthrob. Playing Eddie Britt's hunky nephew, Henderson is creating havoc on Wisteria Lane by running around shirtless. Not many of you might know that the young actor used to be part of the clean-cut pop outfit Scene 23. The group was spawned by the popular television talent contest Popstars 2 in 2001 and had a minor hit with the craptastic "I Really Don't Think So." The song was first recorded by Dutch pop group K-otic after a similar television talent contest. Scene 23 broke up early 2002 when their record label went under.

Watch Scene 32 "I Really Don't Think So"
Watch K-otic "I Really Don't Think So"

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