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Video Premiere: QBoy "Q.B.O.Y. (Is Just So Fly)"

The one and only QBoy is back with a video for his brand-new single "Q.B.O.Y. (Is Just So Fly)." It  was filmed by directors Jarrah Gurrie & Nicolas Wagner in New York City when the rapper recently visited the city during his U.S. tour. The openly-gay British hip hop artist, who coined the clever term "homo hop," was in the States to support his documentary "Pic Up The Mic."

Jarrah wrote me that he enjoyed working with QBoy during his time in New York. "He was a proper English gentleman but not afraid to speak his mind, which is why we love him," Jarrad adds. "With this video, my co-director Nicolas Wagner and I wanted to make a 'classic' video with nods to some hip-hop videos and pop videos that we love." It  seems they also took some cues from their critically-acclaimed, gay-themed short film "Cabalerno, which is worth watching.

On "Q.B.O.Y.," the sharply-tongued QBoy spits out lyrics about feeling confident as a gay rapper knowing that he's the odd boy out not "fitting the stereotype." Throw in some handsome models and a little bit of that old-school, black and white street flair (including a boombox) and what you get is a bonafide (gay) video hit.

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