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Meet Andy Love


A star is born! Undisputed break out star of Pet Shop Boys' current U.S. tour is singer/dancer Andy Love. Whether dressed in a gold cowboy costume or in sexy gym tights, this British lad has palpable charisma, handsome looks and the vocal talent to back it all up. After a little bit of research and a few calls, I found out that Love has already built an impressive reputation as a songwriter of television tunes. Together with writing partner Jos Jorgensen he wrote the themes for X-Factor in the U.K. and America's Got Talent in the United States.

The Love man has also written songs for Australian Idol winner Emily Williams and German Idol winner Tobias Regner. But this vocally-gifted hunk has so much more ready on his sleeves. He is one of those typical British pop-soul talents that has the potential to make the hearts of teenage girls beat a little faster and sell out G.A.Y. in London weeks in a row. Think Will Young with a little more muscle.

Head over to Andy's MySpace page to download MP3s of some great tracks he sang and produced. From the sultry pop rock on "To Be You" to the soulful "My Father's Son." I think it is time for Love to break out. Let's hear it for the boys and girls, Andy!

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