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Free Download: Adam Joseph "Faggoty Attention"


Not only Matthew Duffy's new video is impacting MTV's LOGO, but also emerging artist Adam Joseph has his new video "Flow With My Soul" featured on the gay television network. The jazzy soul track is taken from Joseph's new album "How I Seem To Be" that he wrote, arranged, produced and released himself. The biography for the openly-gay singer is right when it notes: "Don't let the picture fool you. This ain't no ordinary white boy (Catch the video for "Flow With My Soul" on his MySpace page.)

The Cincinatti singer who now lives in New York studied at the Berklee College of Music after which he formed the band The Elegant Children. He toured all over the East Coast with the group that not only helped him to establish a fan base, but also to finetune his singer/songwriter skills. Joseph singer spoke with fellow crooner Ari Gold for HX Magazine and commented about being an "out" singer. "I've been out since I was 14! It's funny, 'cause in other cities I was never really into the gay scene, but in New York it's been such a platform," he says. "Sometimes when I perform for an urban audience they look at me and I can tell they're like, 'What's he doing up there?' But then I start to sing and they're like, "Okaaay!"

Check out Adam Joseph's steamy "Faggotry Attention" that appears to be a left-over track from the "How I Seem To Be" recording sessions. It is a mid-tempo jam with a fun synth riff that features Jospeh's soulful vocals.

Download "Faggotry Attention" by Adam Jospeh [MP3]

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